Jewels when buying Digital Gold


I can see new offer in the Jupiter App.

1% jewels upto 150 on buying digital gold on Jupiter but while checking the details, i can see that jewels earned this month showing as 0 jewels out of 5 Jewels ( It will be 0 jewels out of 150 jewels)

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Yup @Satyajit_Singh

It’s our latest campaign. It should be live now.

That doesn’t seem right. We’ll check this.
Can you share a snap of this screen with me on DM?


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I think lifetime maximum is 150 and every month you get maximum 5. I was about to raise this bug but then I saw the difference in terms and condition 1st point.


Hey @Abhishek_Ulayil

150 jewels isn’t for lifetime but it’s for every month.
Just see the below ss


Yeah, its creating kinda confusion .

In app it shows. “0 out 5” as @Satyajit_Singh already stated.


Now it is fixed and showing as “0 out of 150”


Thanks! We noticed this bug internally a few days ago and the fix for it took time. It should be okay now.
@Satyajit_Singh Thanks for confirming that it’s fixed.
@Abhishek_Ulayil @Omkar18 How does it appear for you now?


0J out of 150J :ok_hand:

But I have a question
If it says limit resets every month why is there a validity till 31st March 2023. Will this be not available next month ?

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Hi @Abhishek_Ulayil! This campaign will run till 31st March only. We have something planned for April too, which we will communicate by the end of this month.


Its fixed. And Showing as “0 out of 150” :+1: