Bug in jewel redeem page

unable to redeem jewel in cash video reference of bug :-


May be a bug…Also, check the terms and conditions to see whether there is any updated condition regarding some minimum jewels criteria for redemption (Since my Jewel is Zero, I can’t check the T&C)…Just to make sure :+1:t2:

Edit: From the video, It is clear that there is no issue regarding redemption of jewels to Gold. So high chance, it has to a bug :+1:t2:

I think you need atleast 100 jewels to cash out 20Rs minimum.

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I tried reducing the number of jewels below 100 and the app would not allow it

I believe Jupiter made changes to jewel redemption criteria in the new reward structure.

When I try to redeem jewels after the new update, I have noticed that a minimum of 100 jewels is now required for redemption.

Thanks for confirming @Abhishek_Ulayil @saurabh.s bros and @yagnesh01 sir.

@Pratyay_Mustafi, Did you receive any one-time bonus?
Luckily, my wife’s account had 10 jewels, and it was redeemed a few days before this new reward system was implemented. :laughing: :laughing:

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Here it is :arrow_heading_down:

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haven’t received any bonus jewels they just increased jewels into 5x :pensive::pensive:

Do you see an entry - New Reward Structure - Jewel Credit?

no it’s showing 25j(5j) like this

You should report this to the support team. get a ticket raised.

Can’t it be the one time bonus? New reward (jewels) 5 x 5 (25 jewels) and the one you already had (5 jewels) :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

Multiples of 100 ? :thinking: So you can’t redeem 150 completely only 100 and wait for the remaining 50 to become 100 ?

The would make sense considering points are awarded in multiples of 5.

@Shawnpinto please help in getting this clarified.

Yeah right :frowning:

There’s always a catch when companies tweak their reward systems.
All these happen in the process of devaluation and nothing new with Jupiter too. :stuck_out_tongue:

jewel redemption in the multiples of 100 is not good :sleepy: :sleepy: have to wait for some more weeks for redeeming jewels

Convert into gold wait for some time then sell it :slight_smile:

don’t want to pay gst on 5-6 rs transaction also buy sell prices differentiate in digital gold. not a good option . will almost loose about 1 re in this way

Hi @Pratyay_Mustafi ,
Yes, with the rewards structure changes to the 5X experience, we revised the jewel redemption as communicated in-app. This is expected behavior , cash redemption is allowed in multiples of 100 jewels (we expect users to get to this point very quickly as there are more amount of jewels in circulation - 5 jewels on every 100 Rupee spent)

For jewel redemption to gold, we do provide users opportunity to redeem jewels in multiples of 5 jewels.

User analysis on previous rewards structure suggested median redemption amount of 20 Jewels (100 Jewels as per new structure)

Sidenote - Anyone who had existing jewel balance would receive the one-time bonus credit. Saw a comment. Please let me know if that is not the case !

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