Bugs in Jewel

I found 2 bugs in Jewel dept.

  1. I ordered product on Amazon worth Rs 1327/-. The actual percentage of jewel i can get is 1% i.e 13.27 J Approximately 13 jewels. But i received 14 J(If it is bug plz consider Because if i order rs.13270/- of product, i could receive 132.7J Approximately 133J this fine, instead of this can you give 134J???).

  2. I cancelled the product i ordered in Amazon. But my 14 jewels are still there. If i order another product it grant jewels(only with in the limit of 150J).

Please check and update. Thank you

  1. Thatโ€™s not bug, Jupiter donโ€™t give decimal rewards and round off to nearest number (13.27~14 instead of 13) such that customer will not complain saying that less than 1% rewards are giving.

  2. Wait for sometime, they will subtract that rewards. But, if you received refund amount after 15 days then Jupiter canโ€™t subtract your jewels.


they hold jewels for some days before redeeming if the payment is refunded jupiter will take jewels back