Transaction Jewels not received

I haven’t received jewels in my online shopping through Flipkart and other shopping apps even directly when I am scanning the QR of the brand merchants like Smart Bazaar I am not receiving any jewel and this has happened several times and today too kindly solve this as we prefer doing transaction from Jupiter to receive jewels if we don’t receive it we will be bound to switch to other transaction apps that give rewards.

Also my transactions still shows as processing after the deduction of money why is it so .

Uploaded a ss kindly respond.

are you a jupiter pro user?? also you have paid with karnataka bank not from jupiter federal account so i guess you haven’t received any jewels .

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I m not a pro user as their salary account criteria doesn’t matches with mine …
Secondly, yes I have linked my KB salary account to Jupiter and yesterday I paid through Karnataka Bank but down you can see I have paid to direct merchant but haven’t received any jewel for Reliance Smart Bazaar too which I have paid through Jupiter.

Attaching one more SS please clarify if you know about it

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you can only earn jewels for payments if you are a pro user there is a nrv of 10k/month as criteria for pro user. If you are pro user then you can only earn jewels (1%) by paying to merchants online with upi or paying with your debit card.

I guess it is a glitch. I have noticed this thing too. They fail to monitor jewels when we pay through UPI ID. Whenever I pay through a debit card, then only they recognise the jewels. @Shawnpinto Please look into it.

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Thanks for raising it with us, folks!
I’ll let the team know about the situation.

@Nikita_Gupta Fret not, I’ll reach out to you via DMs for details and we’ll take this forward to resolve this.

There is nothing like this. i have earned 1400 jewels till now.

You need 2 criteria to fulfill,

1 , make payment by Jupiter fed account, not by Jupiter linked account.

2, u May belonging from Jupiter Pro account to received the rewards ( Jupiter pro = monthly average balance 10k or verified valid Jupiter salary account user )

** Jupiter has some slow loading issue, like updating transaction details on app including recieved jewel, but you received Instant SMS confirmation by the bank ( after 30 to 60 minutes it’s showing the transaction and rewards to in the app, don’t be warry)

I think the rewards for UPI are limited to select merchants (5-6) like swiggy, flipkart and amazon. So for any other merchants the jewels are not added in case of UPI.
In case of debit card usually all vendors with POS machines or online sites are recognised and jewels are awarded.
Here is a picture of terms and conditions

@Nikita_Gupta Were the transactions from these merchants?
Thanks for the screenshot @Abhishek_Ulayil !

And @sani had shared 2 criteria. Let us know if you’ve met them all.

@Shawnpinto and @Abhishek_Ulayil I have made payment from JUPITER FED Account for few standard merchants i.e. Flipkart and Smart Bazaar of quite a good amount for which i havent receive any Jewels yet … I have already mailed in details to @Shawnpinto regarding the transactions.