Not received jewels

I had booked an LPG cylinder in mobikwik, using Jupiter debit card. I had paid rs15 from mobikwik wallet and remaining balance rs1138 using Jupiter debit card in mobikwik app. I haven’t received any jewels for this.

![IMG_20230324_140010|225x500] (upload://wcJkZtvljXzhpdDZTFm7A2dsacz.jpeg)

Jupiter customer service explained me that," if we use some amount from any wallet + Jupiter debit card to pay a bill, it will not eligible for jewels as the balance amount is firstly added to wallet (which is not eligible for jewel), then amount to the biller is paid from wallet."

But, I paid an insurance bill using some of my Amazon pay balance and Jupiter debit card in Amazon, I got jewels.

The customer support stated that, they support Amazon pay but not mobikwik. Which is no where mentioned. @Shawnpinto , why is this?. The customer care person statements are contradicting.


Actually they can’t detect properly in case with Amazon :sweat_smile: bcz Amazon provide you two services, like shopping and bill payment and transaction also.

As per t and c they don’t give you for rewards for wallet and money rotation.

Amazon are continuously change their payment gateway, payment UPI, so it’s very difficult to detect which was shoping and which was bill payment or wallet money loading…

In case with mobikwik, they’re don’t provide you shoping.

** I recommended to Jupiter team , they can remove full Amazon transaction from rewards. So nobody can’t make you fool :sweat_smile:

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there is no jewels for amazon wallet topup i have tried. but they provide jewels for bill payments and shopping


@Shawnpinto can you give some clarity?



We’re getting this checked. @kirankiran10333 sharing an update with you over DM.



Thanks for the reply :grinning::grinning::grinning:.