Demystifying Jewels - Why are your Jewels not credited for certain transactions?

Jewels - the one prominent thing which drives us all to do day-to-day transactions using Jupiter!

I went through the forums to see a lot of frustration and negative rant over Jewels not being credited.

Here’s my quick take on the underlying tech:

  • All your payments go through a processor, payment gateway and payment aggregator.

  • The payment gateway declares the payment as a P2M payment (also generates transaction ID and payable amount), whereas the payment aggregator returns the Merchant details and Payment Options (and associates it with Order ID).

Until this point, it’s obvious that if you make a P2M - payment to merchant, you will be getting jewels 100%

The confusion happens with the introduction of a third party - the m-Wallet (likes of Paytm Wallet, PhonePe Wallet, Mobikwik Wallet, PayZapp Wallet etc.).

Over the years these wallets (not their UPI counterparts) have created a nice wrapper over the payment processors’ pages (most notably Paytm) and made the process so seamless that you would feel your payments are going through directly with your card.

But actually, it’s Your Card/UPI to Payment Aggregator - PA1 to Payment Processor to Wallet Account to Payment Aggregator - PA2 to Payment Processor to Merchant’s Holding Account with PA2. (In most cases, PA1 and PA2 are the same or PA1 is owned by/partnered with the Wallet Provider to curb in-flow charges)

In the above case, the payments do not reflect the actual Merchant ID descriptor and instead shows the wallet Merchant ID descriptor (such as PAYTM, MOBIKWIK, ICICIPKTS) - which are in turn added as filters in Jupiter algorithm to not reward the same - unless you are using a relatively obscure wallet platform which can still pass off as a merchant transaction.

Explicit filters are also added to other merchant sources such as Loan Platforms and Gaming/Betting Platforms - but from all my tests, they are still not optimal as payment aggregators often don’t report the correct parameters of such merchants - and Jupiter devs have to flag them manually based on descriptors.


Thanks for taking a stab at explaining for everyone. You nailed it


This was so good. The kind of technical articles I was expecting from Jupiter… coming from a random guy. Hire him, he’s a good explainer.


I thought it was too technical - since I come from a fintech background.

I guess we could get the content team to develop an infographic on this and add in the app - and show it when someone taps on the info button in the “Restricted Payment Category” banner (in the transaction details).

I actually want to apply for this postion at Jupiter, but the “senior” tag in the job role might not be for me - as I have not many years of experience under my belt (It is one of the mentioned requirements in the desc.)

I admire @Jiten as the visionary he is with his ventures, and getting to interact with him directly on the forum is more than I could expect. Will still take a leap on the job application though, Aman, thanks for the words.


You should apply for this. You would get a fair evaluation

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Thanks for the encouragement @Jiten. I’ll surely apply and ping you.

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