Getting Offer Notification on Earning Jewels Using Jupiter Bill Payment But Never Received Jewels

Hello to fellow community member, till date I have received 3 notification from Jupiter for earning jewels on Bill payment on Jupiter app.

the first notification I received was in January 2023 for a bill payment offer with minimum payment of Rs.250 , I didn’t receive any jewels for the same.

the second notification came on 1st April and again I did Rs.250 bill payment but didn’t receive the promised 15 Jewels

Today I got another notification from Jupiter stating “Pay 2 bills through Jupiter and get upto Rs.250 assured cashback”

In all the three scenarios it was always a notification for which we dont have a proof unless we take a screenshot , the TnC of the offer can’t be accessed anywhere post clicking on the notification.

for the recent offer received I cant find the TnC anywhere.

Further Jupiter didn’t credit the cashback amount as promised for the previous transactions.

Any Inputs on the same. @Shawnpinto

@beastboy , I cannot comment on the experience you’ve had on previous occasions. It is recommended that you report such instances via the support channels so that a ticket# is tagged to your issue and it can be investigated.

For this month, even I see the bill payment offer. If you tap on the banner and the following screen scroll down, you should be able to check the terms and conditions for this offer.

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Could it be that the bills need to be for specific merchants?
@beastboy Have you tried connecting with the support team about this? :face_with_monocle:

How did you pay the bill ?
Was it through Jupiter apps BBPS
Or using third party app via debit card or UPI ?

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Dear @beastboy , There is a high probability that your spending may not comply with the terms and conditions set by the team and that may have caused this issue.
As the data is currently inaccessible, the only option is to wait for a resolution. Let’s hope that the jewels will be credited to your account soon. :+1: