Pay bill 💸 earn Jewels ♦️

There is a new offer in Jupiter :new_moon_with_face: if you pay bill minimum 250 … You will will earn 15 Jewels :diamonds:

Come on… Grab it fast :fast_forward:


Bonus trick: you can also recharge Paytm fasttag :joy:


Most probably not for long.

There is a similar offer running now on Jupiter.
You can earn an assured 250 jewels by paying any 2 bills of 400 and above on Jupiter. But the validity is 12th June 2023.

and as you mentioned, the 5th point in the Terms and Conditions is: The offer is not valid on bill payment transactions made to Paytm Payments Bank Fastag :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: all thanks to @sani :laughing:

But whether the pay bill offer applicable for credit card bill payment?
Via BBPS we can pay kotak & bob bill

@DigitaL Usually things like Wallets and recharges, credit or loan repayments, online gaming, betting etc don’t qualify for earning jewels for PRO and Salary account holders (General rules for UPI and Debit card)

But, since it is a special offer and there is nothing mentioned in the T&C section, I am unsure about the credit card payments, whether they will earn rewards or not. Hope someone can confirm.

Bekar Hai. So this is like 50 rupees on payment of more than 800 rupee. Like 5 percent. Not too much. Since they have changed the jewels value there offers seems like a scam to me.