Credit Card Bill Payment 💳

Hello everyone!

I have a suggestion here , and all community members can add their feedback on this.

  • Jewels on Credit card Bill Payment
    Currently, every platform gives rewards for CC Bill Payment.

  • Add more service provider
    Currently, Jupiter has supported only two banks, namely BOB, Kotak.

I am using different apps for credit card bill payments:


If Jupiter launches a credit card soon, they could have an offer where if one pays the credit card bill( full amount ) through jupiter they will get 0.5-1% extra rewards.
It is similar to UNI pay 1/3 cards back when they were alive.


Agree with your point. More importantly it drives the adoption and usage of the account.

@Satyajit_Singh - how happy are you with the current coin system of Cred. I moved away from them and started using Cheq.


Hey @yagnesh01

Thanks for asking me.
I also most of time paid through mobikwik and paytm because i didn’t find any value for cred coins.

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Couldn’t agree more on the Cred coins. I am using Cheq extensively. Helps earn those brand vouchers and keep mesus happy :grin:

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Cheq or HDFC Bank creating issues, double transaction or something like that…

Fortunately, I have not run into these as yet.

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@Satyajit_Singh Cheq seems to be re-evaluating their redemption options. I checked Amazon vouchers and the low-value denominations have been taken off. Now the lowest value denomination is Rs 5000. I have sent an email to them to understand their rationale on making this change.

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