Any CRED users here?

How has your experience been? Any feature you would like Jupiter to adopt as well?


Useless. Previously i used to like this app due to kill the bill feature. But since it is gone, i don’t see the point to use this app anymore


I like the app, really useful as I have multiple cards and managing them through this app is slick. Just one problem, even after I’ve paid the bill from outside of Cred, it doesn’t reflect on the app. I guess there are some limitations to what it can do. It’s a minor irritant to see it as due although I’ve paid the bill, until next month cycle comes.


Feature request to Jupiter: Automatic repayment feature

Coming to my experience: Cred should have focused more on the majorly used e-commerce tycoons and not the ones used once in blue moon. Paytm has an option now to pay your credit card bills. Switching there!!


I’m an early adopter of Cred. Joined for the rewards, but staying there for the aggregation of all cards at one place. Tracking due dates, spends and card payments (in that order) is what I use the app for. Can Jupiter go one step further and 1. create a single view for all accounts - SA, CC, wallets, and 2. Aggregate spends from across all these products into a single consolidated file.

Direct adopt suggestion from Cred - the animations. They’re pretty neat.


Cred Rewards (which could be fully purchased through cred coins) are now just laughably low rates of "discounts!

Service request to Jupiter: Most Swift customer service. And few hours later they called me to troubleshoot and explain why it is happening. Furthermore what they have in their roadmap to fix it. The level of service and customer satisfaction by team CRED is highly appreciated


How I started with cred ?

  1. I saw on twitter someone posted that they got a free air travel tickets worth 5 lakh cred points.
  2. How does one earn the points ? It was simply to pay my credit card bills via cred?
  3. So shifted there. They asked access to emails and stuff - I gave I thought I don’t care much about data per se.

So I started using cred.


  1. I don’t think I have utilised any rewards other than free coffee in Bangalore and donating some points for masks and other social angles.
  2. These days all the rewards are now in copay model that nothing is free but everything requires me to pay money and some cred points as well.

Use case currently:

  1. Paying bills I do for hdfc as they don’t have an app or have a bad interface. Other credit card I have bank account in that bank and is on auto pay so I don’t bother much there.
  2. Recently got one card where I pay directly from.their app. So not sure what value does cred bring to me anymore.

I use it to pay my credit card bill every month. However, I have only looked at the rewards section perhaps 5 times over last year. The app just seems over engineered for me.

The only plus point I see is discovery of D2C startups whenever I do browse the rewards section.


Agreed. it’s become a discovery platform for D2C brands. The ‘rewards’ are laughable


I am using this CRED since 2 years now.
The offers don’t make sense for me anymore. For eg, If I use cred coins to get headphones of 2500 at 1500, it is already available at amazon at 1300, so the discounts at amazon make their offers seem useless!

Feature Request: Customized notification for reminder of bill payment

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Credit Card payments had never been such a rewarding experience. The Lifestyle products on offer definitely added value to my lifestyle.
I second @Ayesha, team behind CRED seems committed to give us great experience. I have observed customer issues raised too are solved with the same commitment!

A Feature I’d like would be Option for dismissing bill payment due in the case of bill payment through other channel

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I find the Cred experience really good. find it good coz of following reasons

  • I do not have to worry about the credit card due dates as I can find the details about my multiple cards at a single place.
  • UPI provide the great payment experience. No need to punch in any value.
  • Giving me something for free (obviously paying me for getting my shopping preferences)

Things I dont like -

  • I am not comfortable giving access to my email and it has to pick my due amaount and date by reading my SMSs.
  • The quality of offers have not been great these days. Can not blame them as cred may have cut down on the burn for regualr user.

I always end up doing this! Don’t know who wins thought? Because as @karn21 mentioned it serves as product discovery and since it led me to buy a product at the end (though through a different channel) the D2C brand still wins.

Cred was brilliant in the beginning. The rewards were real. You could redeem your cred coins for tickets, event passes, gifts, etc. However, now, that’s not the case. All you get is some discount. Honestly, every offer listed on cred can be got by just using coupons in respective sites without burning those cred coins. The only reason I am using cred now is because my card payments can be done from jai one place. I am already looking at other viable options for the same as cred is useless

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A lot has been said about CRED!
Suggestion for Jupiter: Option for uploading statement PDF under respective cards so that email ID access requirement won’t be there.


Same problem! My heart sinks each time I get a notification that I have not paid the bill


I would like to see spend analysis across my cards. For example, I may use a different card on Flipkart vs Amazon or on a petrol pump. But at the end of month, I would like to know how much did I spend on online shopping across cards, or how much did I spend on petrol, across my cards.


Lmao guess what, I actually ordered this fancy fan from one of the D2C brands on CRED and got it after a month that too, after reminder!
I mean this service is used so less that the team itself didn’t prioritize it :stuck_out_tongue:

Found that you can only pay a partial amount on all items via cred coins. Was hoping to get the full amount reimbursed. The app is only good as a reminder app and a breakdown of credit expenses. App has nothing much. You just bet on raffles and jackpots to hope you might win. Would have wanted to just pay the full amount or at least 75% via CRED. No other benefit of the app.

I am a Beta user on Cred, and have unlocked their mutual funds section. It helps me analyse all my holdings across various mutual funds. What I don’t understand is how do they generate my statement on my behalf? (Do understand that they have email access I have provided them with?


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