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Hello all,
Glad to be here. I am Harshit, working as a Software Engineer with retail/cloud giant. Recently returned to India and found the stream of fintech startups built on top of UPI platforms and low cost brokerage firms very interesting.

With the growing modes of the way your money can shell out of your pocket across all these applications, I kept thinking of the most secure way one can analyze the patterns of expenditure. Spend analytics feature from Jupiter caught my attention.

Apart from catching up on the information in this data age, I like to go outdoors(when not locked down ;)) either of foot or 2 wheels :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I am Shubham Saxena, an ex-corporate banker, currently working on a few novel projects.
Purpose driven, generous and impactful ideas at scale drives me, so here I am. I relate more to finance and new-tech. Chess is my escape.


Welcome onboard guys! :partying_face:
Everyone, folks who just joined the community last week are here! please make them feel at home :houses:

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Hi Guys ! Welcome to the group !


Hello Everyone!

Great to be a part of this community. I believe neo banking is the future and by being a part of this platform, we all will be in the thick of things!

I work with Experian and look after fintech engagements for South India. I am interested in digital transformation, open banking, and the sharing economy space.

Looking forward to adding to building this product and community!



Hey @Azhar glad to have you here, and it was great to have you attend our community workshop this week!

Welcome to the community folks :slight_smile: how has your 1st week been like?

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Please introduce yourselves to follow community members here

Everyone, please welcome new folks to the family!

Do let us know how’s your first week being part of the community has been like?

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Hello guys, I am Hemanth working as Business Analyst at Wibmo. I am interested in reading about personal finance.

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Welcome folks to the community!

Do let me know how’s your first week been like as part of the community? and introduce yourself to the larger group! A little about my interest below :grimacing:

Hey Sneh
Kudos to you for driving this community with such enthusiasm and knowledge.

I am working on a concept in social finance and would love to explain more and get a feedback. I have worked with Shuttl, OneDirect and ZO Rooms previously and had a failed entrepreneurship stint with an edu-tech venture.

Here to learn how Jupiter is changing the banking system.

Saurabh Jain


Glad to have you as part of the community here! and was great connecting and talking about what you are attempting next :slight_smile: Goodluck!

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Hi all :wave:

Glad to be a part of the community which is helping build the best bank in the world.

I am the co-founder of, and I am a tech enthusiast.

I have tried & I keep trying almost every financial service app/platform in the country across various domains from SmallCase to Niyo, from CRED to OneCard; the list goes on. [Also, the list is not limited to fintech products :wink: ]

Have already requested to be a Beta member of Jupiter, looking forward to trying it once the beta is open.



Hey Udit! welcome to the community :slight_smile: Super to see a someone who is enthusiastic about trying new products. You could find some discussion threads of members talking about. some products that already interest you:


One Card:

As for the Beta, you’ll hear from us soon, as applications are still open :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Thank you @sneh.baxi!

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Hi all, I’m Vyom from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.
First of all, thanks to Seher for letting me know such an innovative group and yes, now I’m here penning this down for the first time.
I’m fresher, working in Bangalore as an SEO Analyst and wanted to do something meaningful in my life. It could be anything, it’s just that I want to have stories to tell my grandchildren after 30 years :wink: looking forward to more updates and conversation around different topics. Peace.


hi all
Pleasure to be part of the community. I’m Rahul from Jaipur. I’m… don’t know yet. I got admission in medical college in 2015, I joined it & leave it after 6-7 months, b/c I was not enjoying it. then i joined a normal graduation college And I was not fucking enjoying here either, before completing my graduation i got admission in another medical university in Europe, my bad luck again I also leave it midway, & came back to India. now I started teaching Botany & Now I’m fucking enjoying it but my parents don’t :confused::confused:.
still confused…:joy::smiley::joy::rofl:


Hi all,
My name is ashish & i belongs to jaipur and I’ve completed my graduation in 2k17 from jnu jaipur. I’ve worked with an NGO for 2 years and currently I’m working in a international bpo.
I like this try new product and I’m totally addicted to my cellphone. I like to try new financial apps(to be honest i use play store to search newely launched apps more then i uses Facebook/whatsapp)
:smile::smile: And too curious to try Jupiter.


Hey, I’m a Student studying in 12th Grade right now. Apart from being a student I’m also a Beginner YouTuber and a Photographer. Although I’m young and unable to access most financial apps and services I’m still very Interested in Fintechs and Other Startups which is what brought me across Jupiter among others. Can’t wait to see the dope stuff that happens here and be a small part of it as well.


heylo everyone
Ashutosh from Thar Desert.

Hello Everyone,

So inspired by “People maketh community” motto by the Jupiter Community Team.

I am Fatima from Chennai. I have about ten years of experience in Banking / FinTech. I had started off as a Quality Analyst for various banking products and worked my way up to a Product Support Analyst and now working as a Business Analyst/ Product Analyst for a leading United Arab Emirates based company dealing primarily in remittance, foreign exchange and bill payment services.

I am excited about all things Jupiter is going bring forth to change the game in the Digital Banking Experience.


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