Hi! I am Abhisha, Associate Director Growth at Jupiter Edge 👋

Hola Community!

My name is Abhisha and I joined Jupiter in May 2022 to lead the product growth charter of Jupiter Edge. Extremely excited to a part of this vibrant community & engage with you all to unlock some amazing ideas to co-create the best BNPL experience for all of you!

Little bit about myself, I have been a Growth Operator in Early Stage & Growth Stage startups in the Content, Social Commerce & Ed Tech domains previously. I co-founded a startup in Early Learning & Childcare which I pursued for 4 years.

You can find more about my professional journey here: LINK

Outside of work I am fond of doing Yoga, playing board games, reading books, experiencing new places & food, also sometimes cooking :slight_smile:

To start off, would love to hear from you about your experience with Jupiter Edge & what new features would you like to see on the app?


Edge folks! Now’s your time to send us your dream list. What would you like to have on Edge? :grimacing:
I’ll go first.

My wishlist - Integration of Edge x Jupiter app.


I think the billing cycle is of 15 days, it should be on monthly basis.

It should’ve the flexibility of making payment whether B2B or B2P over scan & UPI both (if not yet), since I’m yet to process the application.

More after using the app in coming days…


No new features but iOS app :slight_smile:


Edge for ios please :pray:


I also want an integration of both , it would be awesome if i could just choose on jupiter scan page to use my jupiter bank acc or jupiter edge to pay onc both are linked.


Welcome To Community :wave:

My wishlist is not to report any or open any account in credit bureau :speak_no_evil:

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@Darshan_Nayak We are on it :slight_smile:

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This definitely sounds something to explore in near future. Thanks @Navharsh_Kr :slight_smile:

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Thanks @VISHAL.VODRO For participating :slight_smile:
Any specific reason why would you prefer a monthly cycle?

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Indeed for generic purpose. When billing is done on monthly basis, it helps us making payment at ease. As most of us receive the salary once in a month and each day is an expensive day for salaried people like us. So we expense every day and receive Payment only 1 day, and thereafter make the payments very next day and this cycle just goes on and on…

Having 2 billing cycle in a month breaks the chain, so are we…

Hope it helps dear…


Just wanted to share the App experience…

KYC verification was smooth after a few throttle of agent availability.

The App is very much laggish. I am using sort of an old Android Model in which the QR Scan hangs up the Phone and rebooting becomes the only solution.

Sometime the App crashes on its own…

The Reviews in Playstore also not up to the mark, Developers need to focus on the feedback part and correspond accordingly.

So far didn’t get the satisfactory outcome. Hope to get some improvement sooner than expected…


First of all, I would like to thank everyone for providing me with a decent credit limit and a wonderful experience with Jupiter Edge. My suggestions/requests are :

  • If Possible, change the billing cycle from 15 days to 30 days (I know someone else has mentioned this suggestion). Just take LazyPay as an example. In the initial stages, they were providing the same time duration, Now it is changed to 30 days.

  • Kindly bring the feature to pay at the local shops and merchants or the feature to transfer the limit to our own bank account, say Jupiter for a minimal fee or charges

  • Regarding the app, whenever we start the app, it directly opens the camera (for scanning QR) which is somewhat a privacy issue. Please start the app with the homepage.


Monthly billing cycle pls.

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@VISHAL.VODRO Thanks for answering my question. Duly noted for future consideration.

Thanks for sharing your experience @VISHAL.VODRO. Customer experience is of highest priority at Jupiter! We are looking into possible resolutions.

I expected a prompt reply/response from your end since you were the creator of this post. Despite you been busy in other activities, your priorities in following up to this post would be highly appreciated…

Interesting inputs Abdul!

  1. Monthly Payments - Point noted.
  2. Payment at Local Shops & Merchants - You can pay via Scan & Pay feature of the app. Any hurdles you may be facing here?
  3. We directly open the Scanner for super fast transaction experience, but the transfer of amount only happens post authentication - biometric or entering MPIN.

Nope…This is the message that I get while scanning the QR code of local merchants/shops
Kindly check


DMing you.

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