Share your Jupiter journey after 1 year


Time flies! It has been a year since Jupiter launched.

Recently, a millionth :rocket: customer was also onboarded! (Many more to go :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: )

On this first anniversary, Jupiter team wants to understand your overall experience/journey.

Here are a few points to start the conversation. Feel feel to share more!

  • Your initial thoughts about Jupiter when you saw/found it.
  • How the app and team were back then. Your interactions.
  • Youโ€™ve been using it for a while and watched us grow for almost a year. (Edge/bullet excluded, but you can add that too if youโ€™d like.)
  • How is Jupiter now? App experience wise, interactions, etc.
  • Something youโ€™d like to see? Any tips for new users?

I had the privilege of being the first customer of Jupiter and will share my journey below. Iโ€™m looking forward to hearing about your journey!


Omg! :party_parrot:
Time flieeees.

If you guys didnโ€™t know, @dhanvi here is the FIRST :1stplace: user of Jupiter. Thats right, the real OG :cool_doge:

Do let us know!


I had registered for Jupiter Bank , after a long wait I got mail , I think I took little more time to onboarding.

  • Trust made stronger since Bullet( Jupiter Product) was awesome in their field.

  • I had little doubt but over the time I realised This Bank (Jupiter) is just not opens account online , also provide Free ATM, No Any charges , 1.5% CashBack ( That time I had offer ) .

  • While Onboarding When I entered City, it wasnโ€™t showing there but area PIN Code accepted. [ Still city is not correct in my communication address] .

  • In lockdown time , it was offering โ‚น500 ( Jwels ) each month even spending local store [ it was best part of reward system till] .

  • Since I was aware about Federal Bank [ Later Jupiter] I suggested many person, and they are using Jupiter Now [ I think 9 Person :grin:, That time there wasnโ€™t Referral Program I guess]

Before Neo Banks, No other Bank offer such a free services without any Charges, I guess This is boosting up the Neo Bank Family

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Initial thoughts:

Onboarding experience was pretty cool m fast. The app UI felt simple, and efficient. Hated the orange though. Just doesnโ€™t sit with me well. Maybe because Iโ€™m more a โ€œdark modeโ€ space Grey kinda guy. :grin:
Opening Jupiter feels like waking up to a flashbang blow up in my face.

Experience with the team:

Friendly! This community is the engine that the entire product runs on. The team being willing to take in feedback n help fix bugs stat is what makes this place tick. Keep up the good work, gang!

Edge experience:

Never got it. So nothing there.

Jupiter current experience:

The apps improved a lot. Love the new Ui. Still wish if we had a space grey/dark mode though. I await that.
And sometimes the app feels too slow to run while on data. Thatโ€™s annoying.

Something Iโ€™d love to see:

A liter app. Something similar to Fiโ€™s rules based invest system. Direct tie up with mutual funds or equity. Customisable debit cards. FD based secured credit cards? And definitely, space grey/dark mode theme


One more tid bit that Iโ€™d love to see: AMAโ€™s with the team. :grin:

We could do it weekly or monthly, all the way from product to Jiten. Everybodyโ€™s fair game!