When Jupiter goes live?

Just want to know when Jupiter plans to go live? It’s very long to wait…


True. It’s a long wait and even we are getting restless to launch. That being said, we won’t launch any product which is not ready for consumer use and might shake consumer confidence in banking. We are working very hard to launch it soon. Can’t commit exact timelines due to some external dependency. But be assured that this community will be first to know and wait will be worth


Looking forward to try the Beta version. Few days ago, I received an email to enroll for the Beta version, for which I did enter my details and submitted, however I haven’t receive any update on the Beta version after that submission. Looking forward to hear from you.

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Hi Dinesh, we are still accepting interests for Beta, you’ll hear from us once we’ve picked our very early adopters :slight_smile: Till then keep your fingers crossed!


Any update on this @sneh.baxi . I am new to this community hence asking about the launch

Hi Ankit! Firstly, welcome to our community :slightly_smiling_face: We hope you’re able to feel at home here and find better ways to manage your money. At Jupiter, that’s what we’re striving hard to do- Help people have a better relationship with their finances. We’re glad to tell you that we’re inching closer to the finish line and you can look forward to having the beta app in your hands by this quarter. Sign up for our beta program here if not already and I will reach out to you personally! Cheers!


When will Jupiter be launched

All I can say is that internal Countdown has started.


Is there some app for Jupiter or what

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It’s not yet live as of now… Now you pre register only

True. You should expect to hear from us in early April

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Thanks @Jiten for periodically updating the community on go-live plans.
For early-April launch, what all can we definitely expect?

I must say that we have picked up quite a few things suggested by community here. So stay tuned to know more in couple of weeks

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With which bank is Jupiter partnering with?

Any update on this ?
As all other neo banks are live.
Still waiting for a lauch date of Jupiter.

We should start rolling out early access in week of 10th June. Currently testing internally to ensure obvious issues are being resolved


That’s great news.

Looking forward to it.

It’s federal bank which they have opted for

Yes, 2.5% interest rate on the savings account.

Who would be eligible for early access? All the users who signed up for Firstlist or will it be a phased launch based on the allotted ranks in Firstlist?

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