Big day for Jupiter

So, the day has arrived! Congratulations for the launch :tada: Hoping that all the wait gonna be worth.

All the best @Jiten & Team Jupiter :bouquet:


Congratulations @JupiterTeam :beer::beer::champagne:

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@Jiten @JupiterTeam When will Jupiter money app launch for nextlist users? Please give a specific month or date… please

I think first of week August will start rolling out for NextList users.

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Are you sure about it?

@Amit_Bikrama_Nayak I am happy to see that you are eager to get your hands on the Jupiter app and it’s almost here. We have started sending invites to the Nextlist customers. Stay tuned and you’ll soon find the invite in your email as well :slight_smile:

@Jiten @JupiterTeam I am getting the same replies from past 15 days…any specific date?

Trust us that we are also keen to onboard everyone here asap. But we can’t firm date until we are sure on release date. Don’t want to commit and then get negative reviews from you folks


Please give any insight on Full KYC, It’s nearing month end…
Can we expect soon?

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Neo banking is a fairly new industry in India so it’s okay to take some extra time rather than creating skepticism among consumers with an unfinished product on arrival. So obviously the team wants everything to be perfect. Let’s give them time.
But hey, we are getting to know each other via this community… how about we plan for some light headed, generic fun interaction meanwhile? Any suggestions? :joy:


Looks like V-KYC will start by end of August

No by the end of this month they will start video KYC…


hope so, waiting for full KYC,… Let’s see…