Feedback of Jupiter

I want to point out this post as feedback

It’s been about 9 months now since I used Jupiter. And these are probably my main reasons for switching from my Jupiter account.

Many other factors like lack of ENach, Samsung/Google pay , Emandates (Never seemed to work for me), Netbanking, Transferring abroad and also the lack of a website portal made it hard for me to stick with Jupiter. (Big deal for me considering it is a neo-bank and half of the digital features of a regular bank are missing)

It’s actually been a great time, with the rewards Jupiter gave me intitially, like heavy discounts on groceries of BlinkIt, 1% on all UPI transactions (Unrestricted) 1% on domestic and 10% off on Internation transactions. And gradually the rewards decreased with more restrictions on account types.

And it didn’t feel any better than a regular bank account, they have better support than Jupiter, They have similar rewards and discounts on many brands.

But I guess I wanted to be treated like a premium customer and Jupiter Pro Salary doesn’t give much perks as compared to a regular bank. With “On-Demand Salary” being very unclear. Is it a loan? what is the interest rate? why can I only avail this “On-Demand Salary” after 10th of a month? I understand I agreed to some terms and conditions but that was 2-3 months before it was available, it just used to show “Coming soon” and I have no idea where to look for the terms again.

The interest rate also seemed to have been average.

These are all my issues/feedback on the 9 months I have been on Jupiter.


Totally relate with you.
I’ve stopped using Jupiter as my primary account due to slowish app, fixed upi id & transaction failures. I hope Jupiter team work it all out.

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I as well prefer Jupiter as a bank only not an UPI/Payment app. Paytm is full of rich features and Quick loading time. We can also pay via debit cards of diff accounts and soon via credit cards

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Yeah… I’ve also tried various apps. So far, loading time of Paytm n Phonepe is much better than others.

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