What is stopping you from upgrading to Salary Account on Jupiter App?

We at the Salary Account Team are trying to understand your motivation and feedback around upgrading to Salary Accounts.

A quick poll on what is stopping you from upgrading to Salary Account:

  • Didn’t know that Jupiter has a Salary Account
  • Don’t know how to upgrade to Salary Account
  • My HR doesnt allow another Bank Account for Salary
  • Not too excited about Benefits / Offers of Salary Account
  • I don’t qualify as my net salary <25k
  • Lack of Credit Card/ Person Loans
  • Not happy with Jupiter experience
  • Others

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Tell us more in the comments what will make you upgrade to Salary Account.


I didn’t have work email. That’s why. You should’ve kept in the mind that not all employers provide employees with work emails.


Valid feedback Rahul, will pick this up and resolve it.

In the meantime, DMing you so that you can skip that step.


Lack of many essential features stops me from using Jupiter as salary account.
Ex. Mobile no. change, address change, alternative upi id, etc.

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Seems like max customers are unhappy with your service :smirk:

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I have a salary account already. And I want to keep this like my reserve account where I keep saving money. And really want to separate the salary account and savings account.

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Recently I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I’m transitioning from a college kid to a working professional.

At this point I expect reliable and safety from the products and services I use along with the feeling of more premium and exclusive experience. (mature & responsible feeling you know) Which still lacks in Jupiter salary account

A few of the question that Jupiter team needs to answer is

  1. What to do if someone steals my phone?
    In traditional banking I can simply take my passbook to the nearest branch and ask them to help me out. In case of jupiter what do i do?

  2. why choose jupiter over more reliable offline available bank for salary account?

  3. Where are Fix Deposit services that all the elders told me to use in order to save money? (Open to new and better way of savings but needs to be education about it)



For me:

a) the current benefits aren’t exciting enough

b) lack of a secured CC or personal loans.

c) no dark mode in the app :face_with_peeking_eye: opening the app is akin to a flash bang and getting a shot gun to the face


Already PRO user. But Jupiter definitely lacks in reward system and CC/Loan options. Also I prefer different kind of DC’s.


Why is that Jay?

One will be for savings and another for what purpose?

All fair feedback and questions @Ashutosh_Navkar.

I will start with the easiest question -
FD - we have launched superpots which give you up to 6.25% interest (aka FD that elders talk about :P)

If someone steals your phone and need for a branch → an interesting question to ponder here. You have the Debit Card that you can use to withdraw money from ATMs in India. Branch is something that Neobanks dont have currently so online has to be the only way to provide you any help. In emergency cases, as you mentioned → alternative ways like availing help from Federal Branch seems like a good idea that we can explore.

Can you tell us more about what would “more reliable offline available bank” mean and where does Jupiter fail in terms of reliability?

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I have Jupiter salary account but I hope I didn’t.
First the enrollment was pathetic. I asked customer support the IFSC code and they said we don’t have IFSC, which was like🤣. No matter what bank you are that’s a given, if I would have said the same to my company they would have thrown me out.
All in all other times as well I have complained a lot but the customer support is trash, non existent basically.
Secondly, the benefits every month it shows you didn’t receive salary credit even though I receive every month and I complaint the customer cares says don’t worry it’s a glitch. A glitch which apparently they couldn’t fix in 10 months since I have enrolled. Earlier they gave benefits for 3 months post last salary credit now it’s one and every month even after salary credit i see the message your account will be downgraded which is pathetic.
Third is benefits no credit cards on offer , the health insurance they do offer cannot be continued after salary account expires, the international transaction waiver they do offer is charged then returned, meaning of you do 20 transactions overseas be ready to reconcile and check whether you got the right amount back. How stupid is that, and other benefits are pretty much useless or non existent at best.

The idea and community and all is great but execution and overall experience is downright pathetic


Thanks for sharing your feedback, friend. :scroll:
This is not the type of experience we would want you to have, Sufal :fearful:

We’re looking into this :mag:
Pssst… spaceman is trying to make your frown upside down! :ideas:

This is more like creating a reserve for myself. While I recieve salary in my current account, I keep transfering to my savings account to help grow the reserve amount. In future I want to use this as like a credit card. So, I see jupiter to be more apt for savings. And separating this reserve from the main account which is linked everywhere for EMIs etc.,


I want to use the Jupiter salary account. But its verification process is very bad. Because, I have working mail, and my salary is also credited, but the account has not been upgraded. Now I’m getting back my old salary account.

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