Salary account bug

There is a Jupiter bug being shown in some telegram channels and YouTube channels regarding Jupiter salary account. First they are adding money in groww demat account/(some other apps), then From there they are withdrawing amount in Jupiter account. But Jupiter app is treating it as salary,and converting their account as salary account.
Check this and resolve.

Also after this iam having a quiry. When i checked in my Jupiter app,in convert to salary section, there was an option showing as get salary account benifits even after being student by making automatic payment/deposit setting. There it was showing to join waitlist, and i clicked to join. Can you please share those details?


Share the telegram channel link here.

YouTube video link:- Jupiter Salary Account Convert Trick🔥Earn ₹5000 Cashback🔥 Live Proof 🔥 - YouTube

Also please reply to my second para of post. I clicked on join waitlist at that time,but now in app option is not visible.


I think that feature is still in development. I too got waitlisted.
You can see the waitlist option when you go to :
Homepage> Pro tab (the last option/extreme bottom right)> Navigate to bottom> Upgrade to Salary Account> You’re on our waitlist

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Initially it was showing,but after clicking on join waitlist it is not being shown. And " Get started" button for changing to salary account is being shown but not working.

Bro don’t you think Jupiter should take this video down and rectify the bug?

Certainly, it is crucial to rectify the bug ASAP. I believe that jupiter team will address this issue, especially considering that some users are exploit it.

Certainly, there are high chances that such issues may result in delays for the forthcoming feature of attaining eligibility for a Salary account for everyone, by transferring 25000 per month.

Could you please double check by going to “Your Profile”, whether there is any option “Upgrade to salary account now” (is this the same “Get Started” button you mentioned)? Also, please check for any app updates. coz, yesterday I got the latest update.

Many youtube video are fake too, made with the use of the video editing for the views or click bait . Are you able to exploit it then it might be a real exploit.

Here is my experience in opening my salary account for myself and my employees -

  1. For me, I had to verify my company email address and only after that, I was eventually moved to Awaiting Salary Credit status. That step was not covered. The email verification step is still needed.
  2. For my employees, they are required to install the app using a link that has been provided which is linked to the company name.
  3. Because they are signing up using that link, the company name is auto captured.
  4. The fact they are signing up from branded link, they are not required to verify the company email address.
  5. When the salary is credited into their account (usually an IMPS transfer), their account is automatically upgraded to salary account within 48 and max 72 business hours without the need to contact customer care.

Thanks for highlighting @Vaibhav_Jain
This doesn’t seem right. The salary team will check this out.

I would avoid sharing the Telegram link. It would add more to this.
The video helps!


You mean, video is real?

Sorry , will try to avoid it in future.

Now they removed the working email verification

After many complaints about Salary Account Convert trick, it is still working.

I also converted to salary account for testing purposes.

@Shawnpinto What is doing your Salary Team ?

While it’s a loophole, it seems accounts getting upgraded by this route seem to be going through an audit.