Upgrade to Salary Account page not showing

When i click on Upgrade to Salary Account now , it takes me to Pro tab

Can you check it now?
Coz its taking me to the page which shows benefits of the salary account with the waitlist option

I found join waitlist for the first time. Now it’s vanished. No idea where it has gone.

No same problem,

Are you a pro user?

Try again…the same happened me too…It would appear again soon.
I think that section is not fully functioning yet. May be they are updating.
Hope it would be live soon :+1:t2:

No, Normal savings account holder

Anyone from Pro user facing this problem

Clicking on upgrade to salary account taking me to upgrade and waitlist page.
I am a pro user.

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It is still taking me to the same page after clicking on the upgrade to salary account.

You’re right @Satyajit_Singh
It should take you to the Salary tab instead.

Give us some time to check and reproduce this.


Now it’s working fine.

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