Upgrade to Pro option taking towards Salary Account Creation

I would like to bring your attention to an issue, which I am unsure whether it can be classified as a bug or not.

For normal account users, if they follow these steps:
Card > View all offers at the bottom > Jupiter offers, they can see that three offers (1% off on Digital Gold, 1% off on UPI, and 1% off on Debit Card) are locked with an option to “Upgrade to Pro.”
However, when any of the upgrade options are clicked, the page redirects to the steps for creating a Salary account instead of taking the user to the option of creating a Pro account by depositing 10,000 Fixed Deposit. Shouldn’t it take the user to the Pro account creation option instead?

Kindly check this.


More likely a bug as pro and salary account are listed as 2 different tabs

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And another option not showing: if you not maintain some money, in previous Jupiter will recommend you how much amount need to deposit for continuing pro … It was a very helpful option… Get it back

This is a bug indeed. It should take you to a PRO related page.

Good find @razack :smiley:
This is raised internally.

This is fixed.

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