Incorrect Redirect in Reward Section

I have found a issue in the reward section. When clicking that ‘Know More’ button, as I highlighted in the screenshot provided below, instead of displaying the pro benefits or redirecting to the pro tab, it takes the to the salary account creation page.


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Another issue
On the homepage When I click on either on the ‘Saving Account’ or ‘Upgrade Now’ option on, it also redirected to the salary account creation page.

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That’s a nudge to upgrade straight to salary account :crazy_face:

However as a pro user it takes to the pro page so it could be a bug for normal users

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@Shawnpinto request your help in getting this checked.

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Earlier, I too observed it and thought it was intentionally created to inform regular users about the salary account. :grinning: :grinning:

But, on earlier version when we click on the “Savings” it shows the benifits and a comparison with the salary account.

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Correct. It should take the user to upgrade to PRO tab.
We’ll fix this.

This is a known issue and the team is already fixing it. But thanks for the highlight!


On every new update why there are so many bugs? Just curious to know.


And all those bugs are already known by their team yet they don’t fix it. Maybe they enjoy those bugs.

Hi Devansh, during app releases at times there are a few known bugs that come up which may not be intrusive with the overall core experience, in Jupiter’s case, ability to carry out banking operations. Hence, they may get released and the bug troubleshooting is undertaken to resolve the known bugs. Then a few new ones get identified. This is what I learnt leading a DevOps team. May not necessarily be the approach that Jupiter’s team follows.

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