Pro Page Bug


On clicking 12 more benefits, the button should work and the benefits should open because if a person lands on the pro page and wants to see what are the 12 more benefits, he won’t be able to check it.

I had previously observed this issue but believed it only affected me, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. As I have never been able to open a salary account that needs to be linked with government agencies for fellowship disbursement, I didn’t think it was a significant concern. Thank you for bringing it up. :+1:

Anyway, now I am curious to know those 12 more benefits of Salary Accounts :rofl:

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You’re right. It should show the benefits.
We’ll get it checked. Let me get back here once we find out the cause.

Thanks for checking @Devansh_Bartwal @razack :blob_thanks:

We just checked this, and it’s not a bug.
It’s part of the design.

The " +12 more benefits " looks clickable probably because it’s in a different colour or folks wanted to know more.

We’ll make some changes here.

  1. Probably remove the text and show the benefits
  2. Show a clickable button/text and then show the benefits.

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