App closes/crashes when clicking on benefits


When I click on the 8 additional benefits section to check the benefits of salary account the app crashes/closes.

Click on the menu to go to My Account section.
On the convert to salary account benefits section click on 8 benefits to check salary account benefits. Also, the option after that which says 2 step conversion.

This is happening on this device:

Sometimes I get this image after app closes.

Anyone else facing this issue? :thinking:

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Hi Pratyush, while I already have a salary account, none of my employees have reported this issue.

Suggest you take a video from a different phone which help the team recreate the issue. Also, please report this via the in app support and they will send email to you to share the video. This will ensure a quicker resolution.

Has to be an issue with the phone. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

For me clicking on it opens the salary account email id page. No crashes.


That’s an interesting find. Thank you sharing this.

Just checked this.
Seems to be working fine. We checked this with folks who have a PRO status too.

@Pratyushh Can you try clearing cache/storage and restarting your phone? Best trick to solve almost everything :v:

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Hello all,

Thanks for all the suggestions, I tried the following:

  1. Clear Cache/Data
  2. Restart the phone
  3. Uninstall and re-install

Nothing helped resolve the issue.
I have sufficient memory available and the there is no update available. :expressionless:

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Pratyush, this can be frustrating. The issue seems to be unique to you. I hope you taken a video of the entire process and shared with the support team. The smaller details in the video help them identify the bug.

Here’s the gif for the same.
Jupiter stops working

I seem to be experiencing some phone-related issues lately. These phones powered by MI have an abundance of complaints, it’s quite amusing actually :grin:
btw, I’ve noticed Lazypay and Simpl on your device. It’s great to know we’re both using similar apps :star_struck:

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Maybe the forced dark mode is causing issue :thinking:

Nope, with or without the issue persists.

This means, to confirm whether the bug is specific to the POCO M2 PRO phone or not, we require another user of the same phone to test it. :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: @Shawnpinto

If the issue is not caused by Jupiter, then the only remaining solution may be to perform a hard reset of the phone :exploding_head:. However, this is not a recommended solution and should only be considered as a last resort.

Agree! I am not doing Hard Reset OR Format for this issue!

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Can you send us a drive link with a recording? We’d like to see the timing and flow of this issue.

You can send it to me on DM.

Agree. The entire recording is the key to tracing the bug.

@Shawnpinto Sure, I will upload and share the recording!


Hello i have the same problem in my phone with WhatsApp what to do