App restart on setting up mutual funds

I am trying to setup my mutual funds. And have completed steps till photo verification. But for next step i.e. signature verification. Upon clicking the button for signature verification the app just restarts and asks for mpin and then it opens home page.
I am stuck at this step.
Device - poco m2 pro.
I have tried reinstalling the latest version but that didn’t fixed the issue.

Hai @Aditya_Sahu1
Welcome to the community.
I suggest you to report this issue via chat/help section on the app for a quicker response. Additionally, you can create a support ticket by mailing the same to

Also, tagging @Jitender_Singh

Hello @Aditya_Sahu1 :hyper_wave:
Let us know if this was resolved for you.

I had contacted the support via in app chat. they are working to resolve my issue. i’ll post a summary here once its resolved.