Bug in Mutual Fund section

From search bar if you search ‘Mutual’ and then tap ’ Stop tracking mutual fund ’ it’ll redirect to all bank account page instead of mutual fund page.
Jupiter version 2.0.19, Android.

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That’s a good catch!!

Not only that if you scroll down you’ll get an option ‘sell gold’ if you click on that you’ll redirect to Pot page instead of gold section.

Please look into this @Shawnpinto

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Yikes. That is correct as well. You’re on fire.

I have checked these two issues and can confirm that I am also facing them. Thank you, @Surojit_Ghosh, for bringing them to the attention of others.

Regarding the second issue, I think you may be one of the 1000 lucky winners to receive a digital gold voucher/coupon worth 250 Rs in the savings challenge, which is why the app is asking if you want to sell it. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (probably I also get the voucher :rofl:, since the same issue is here for me too)

It is redirected to the Pots section because Gold also saves in a pot and shows under the 6 weeks saving challenge in my case.

I already reported this error, but at that time time i had no gold in my wallet. Now, i feel it is genuine to redirect to the Pots section.


Oh okay but stop mutual fund tracking is a bug for sure i think.

@Satyajit_Singh , just a thought - instead of just taking the user to the pots screen, from UX perspective, it would be better to take the user to the gold pots screen.

It happens only if you choose to sell gold, so possibly they don’t want you to sell gold :sweat_smile:

Definitely a better idea :bulb:

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It looks like a bug

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You’re right. It shouldn’t take you to view all your bank accounts.
We’ll fix this, thanks for letting us know!

Good catch :mag:

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Also, digging the font style :star2:
Is it a Samsung phone? @Surojit_Ghosh


No, doesn’t looks like Samsung Phone considering the status bar


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It’s realme if I am not wrong.

No it’s Realme 6i and word style is called-‘Dance Party Pro’

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@Surojit_Ghosh Good catch! Thanks for raising this bug. This has been fixed by our team now.

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