Mutual fund insights report bug

Peek 2022-06-02 17-20

@Shawnpinto is was the bug that i was telling about… Check the issues with values. 1432 is my current value as per june 2… But insights are fetched on may 28(i had to manually request it)…
To update insights everytime, i had to manually request for CAM mail and forward it… Shouldnt it be automatically updated?


@Aswin_Benny This helps! Thanks for sharing.
@Yash_Kewalramani Let’s look into this :mag:

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Hey @Aswin_Benny!
Actually the main page (where you see 7 day market change etc) updates every day.
But the report (detailed insights) only updates every time you forward your statement for now. We’re working on making it daily as well!


That would be nice


Not working for me for months now. There is open issue about this but no one seems to care.

Bug :lady_beetle:

Hey Rahul! Sorry to hear that :frowning:

What 's the exact issue? Is it the same mismatch between current value on the dashboard and on the report?
You can reach out to me directly on and I can help you resolve this!

Sent you email.

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There is more and more issues with External Mutual Funds tracking. I am not sure if product team is even looking into this. And now I am frustrated when a team is not serious on investments. Someone might be looking for 6/7 digit investments with Jupiter but with this kind of service…NO WAY.
Here are the fresh lot of errors. And I have no clue how to refresh it and if Jupiter is even sending any consolidated statements.

For now the word is Pathetic for this .

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