External MF Investment tracking issue

External mutual fund tracking has some issues. It is not showing fund cards and not fetching / updating value on daily basis.

@Jitender_Singh @Shawnpinto

Same bug i reported few weeks back. never got fixed :smiling_face_with_tear:.

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Hey Rahul!

There’s definitely something wrong here. Will look into your issue just now and get back to you!
How many funds are supposed to be here?

Around 15 or so

@Rahul.Sharma Could you forward your statement one more time? To the investments email mentioned in the app.

For this , I need refresh but the option is not available for me.
Retry takes me to this place , where it says service unavailable.

@Rahul.Sharma Gotcha. You should be able to see the button again in a few hours. I’ll let you know when :grin:

Ok. Update :blush:

Finally , I am able to see external funds in the right place.

Thanks for everyone of you guys on getting it serious this time :yum::+1:

I am happy now :partying_face:

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@Rahul.Sharma Woohoo!
Sorry for the trouble bud.

But yes, we did get it fixed thanks to you. Thank you for bringing this up :slight_smile:


@Aswin_Benny Can you check too?

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Requested for CAMs mail… Seems there is a delay :eyes:

@Aswin_Benny When did you request it?

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@Shawnpinto One hour ago. Recieved it two minutes ago

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