Not updating my external mutual funds

I’m trying to see my external funds but the funds showing in Jupiter is not correct. What should i do to see current external mutual funds

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Hai @Akshay_Purwar , welcome to the community.
I suggest you to use the chat feature on the app for a quicker response. You can also mail your issue to
Also, you can check the following threads for a possible solution :+1:t2:

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@Akshay_Purwar One probable reason could be because your mutual funds are in demat format. For example: Mutual fund investments through Paytm Money or Zerodha Coin are held in demat format.

And Jupiter uses CAMS email statement for tracking your external funds. CAMS doesn’t get the demat mutual funds.

I suppose we are in a great time of change in Financial India. So things are getting ironed out everywhere - CAMS, Jupiter, etc.

As of now, MF Central tracks mutual fund investments in demat format. IND Money and Fi Money uses MF Central service as of now. But Jupiter is also planning to switch to MF Central soon.

Guess we all need to be patient until then. Hoping soon is sooner. :slight_smile:

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Also before Paytm Money, the number of investors for mutual funds through Demat format was very small I think.

External mutual fund is not updating, the retry option is also doing nothing, i tried to resend the cams report that was requested from Jupiter earlier but that is also not helping out