Consider shifting to MF central API

Jupiter Assets get the mutual funds from CAMS, and for some reason, it doesn’t show my total investments. I invest via DMAT format (Zerodha coin).

Other platforms which use MFcentral are showing my total investments.


Does MFCentral only require OTP to get the external investments :thinking:. I remember seeing such a feature in groww (I don’t remember it).

I felt it to be much easier than CAMs :zap::zap:

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@dhanvi We are considering moving to MF central/ Account Aggregator for MF tracking. We will revamp the tracking of mutual funds also. But it will take some time.
Thanks for the feedback.


Oh the groww us the MG central. So, does it cost extra for companies to do it? That they are not using it and instead using the mail forwarding m

No idea. I think Jitendhar Singh can clarify this one.

All I know is that it is much easier method than forwarding email :joy: