Bug in pro tab

There is a bug in the recent update . First of all i am already a pro and its asking me to increase my nrv to 10k . Second thing, on clicking check my NRV the app is closing on its own.

I think that “Hurry Up” screen was intended to the normal account holders and not for the PRO users (has to be an error). or is that anything to with the PRO expiry date, since I can see July 3 as PRO Status Expiry Date ??? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

I can see the same banner and when I click on the “Check my NRV”, it takes me to the NRV calculation page and that’s why it’s closing for you, since you are already PRO

Good catch bro :clap:t2: :clap:t2: :clap:t2:


yeahh, can any other IOS user confirm the same?

I am not on iPhone but I am a PRO user.
This kind of thing has always been there whether you are a PRO or not. Atleast as far as I have noticed.

PRO status gets updated every month regardless of your current status. And I have seen upgrade to pro message multiple places, despite being a PRO. Upgrade to PRO, is always true in that sense as it is being updated every month.

For this instance, I am also taken to the NRV page.
Some other iPhone user can confirm the app closing because of that. It should take you to the NRV calculation Page.

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Have confirmed the same issue in my mom’s phone too. So yeah the issue is there.

@Devansh_Bartwal I will get this checked for you immediately!

@Devansh_Bartwal can you please check the last card now. It should be rectified as your NRV >10K

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Still the same issue is there :frowning:

The issue has been resolved but on clicking check my NRV the app is closing on its own.

Will check this


@Ritik_Roy for salary account users, when the user clicks on Salary tab, amongst the list of benefits listed, medical insurance does not feature. For that the user is required to come on the required section and then click on view all details. This is giving an impression that medical insurance benefit has been withdrawn. I received frantic calls from 4 of my employees about this.


You work in HR team? Curious to know

I am the COO of of my company. We have around 45 people who with us.

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Curious to know what problem does your company solve? Sorry i am just just being curious kid

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Our core business is to provide outsourcing solutions (customer support, IT enabled solutions, digital marketing, accounting services) to small business owners. Other than this, we have a ayurvedic herbal supplement business and language training (practice & training).


Quite interesting! I am also started digital marketing services for business . We also create aesthetic pleasing websites. Seeking future collaborations :slight_smile:


@Shawnpinto when will i get rewarded with jewels for finding the Bug?

You will get 'em @Devansh_Bartwal
But it needs to be solved first.

You can help us out by confirming :v:


@Devansh_Bartwal To help us close this particular bug,
We weren’t able to reproduce the force close issue.

If it still persists, can you send me a recording from another device privately?

Sure i will send you.