Glitch in Pro Benefits


One of my friends account have been degraded to savings account from pro account but he has maintained more than 10,000 per month

Hey Satyajit. Our users can unlock PRO by maintaining NRV (Net Relationship Value) of 10,000 or more through the full calendar month, based on which they are upgraded on the 3rd of the next month.

Your friend can check their NRV on the PRO tab in the app.

If any clarifications needed, they can DM me or reach out to Help in the app to get more details on why they were not upgraded, and we will help with it.


Yes, there NRV is showing more than 10000 in pro tab

Hey Satyajit, thanks for pointing this out. We have identified the bug, we are working on fixing this shortly, within the next 2 days. Your friend should be able to see his correct PRO status by then.


Thanks for your confirmation.
It’s been easier to solve problems in Jupiter like surfing social media site.


Hey @Shawnpinto just confirm me once the bug is fixed, so i can cross check.

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Hey @Satyajit_Singh it should be fixed now :thumbs_up:

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Yes it got fixed now

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Thanks for confirming!

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