Jupiter Pro eligibility requirements

My app says to maintain 20k to continue Pro. Since when has it been changed to 20k from 10k?

Asked the support about this and they said it’s still 10k. Is this a bug or an intended change?

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@Shawnpinto Request your help in getting this checked with the team that manages Pro Account offering

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@Abdur_Rahman Nothing wrong here, but yes, the messaging needs to be better. Here’s how it needs to be read for now.

Today is 19th Jan, if you are unable to maintain >20k until end of this month, your Pro status will be downgraded as the Monthly NRV will drop below 10k.

This message only gets triggered when you are not able to maintain NRV of 10k. The amount which needs to be maintained in order to retain the Pro status will vary based on Customer.

In order to retain the Pro Status, you will need to deposit 22900 today and maintain the same until the end of the month.

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