Referral requirements says 10k NRV

For making a new referral, nrv of Rs.10000 should be removed in order to grow Jupiter community

Its 1000 not 10000

Hai @rasa_kumar nice to see you back. One can earn simply 300 rupees when the invited friend create an account and do a debit card transaction above 1000( I think a normal account is enough). Also, when the friend gets his or her account converted to PRO salary, there is an extra bonus of 500.

Yes, I can understand that every friends may not be interested in PRO or Salary account, since there are certain conditions to be met, but at the same time they can go for a normal savings account. All three types or classes of accounts have different benefits and features

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I think that has also changed they offer a variable amount between 200-1000rs on a bill payment of ₹200 and above.

I tried to refer but it doesn’t allow for referring. Kindly help me with instructions.

Never read any terms changes regarding the referral!!!
In the Frequently Asked Questions section under the Referral , it is clearly mentioned to maintain an average monthly balance of 1000 inorder to start refering.

Anyway hope someone from the Jupiter Team could confirm whether it’s a bug or whether there is any change in the referral conditions.

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In FAQ it is 1000 and on the main screen it is 10,000. Looks like they forgot a zero in FAQ :thinking:


I get this page for referral


This is the referral page I get (Normal Savings account)

Thanks for raising this @rasa_kumar ,

We recently changed the requirements for referrals. As the title says, one must have an NRV of 10k.
The T&C must have said 1000, which is incorrect (It was 1000 previously, not anymore). We’ll update this soon.

This isn’t a bug/typo issue. It’s being updated on all tabs slowly.

Good catch!


Jupiter trying their best to force people to maintain a balance of 10k


Extremely bad though, silently doing wonders.

But I am not getting this page

I am getting only this page

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You have to maintain NRV of ₹10,000 per month


Hey @rasa_kumar, is this your first time trying out the referral section? or have you invited anyone in the past?
It seems that Jupiter has updated the requirements from 1000 to an NRV of 10000 in order to unlock the referral page, as Shawn mentioned.

In the past, I have invited some friends and family members to try Jupiter, and I currently have balances in my account, Savings pots, and investments in the gold pot. The total value of all these amounts adds up to 10000 NRV. It’s possible that one of these two reasons is causing me to see a different page.

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