Free metal debit card

Provide free metal debit card, who are consecutively Pro users for a certain period of time (like 3 months or 6 months) or with some other criteria so that non-salary account holders will feel worthy for maintaining more than 10k balance. This metal debit only to to salary account holders looks like discrimination in my point of view.

Express your views also guys.


Metal Card is expensive for any Bank, just take look on Other Banks metal Card charges. Or Cost of Metal Card.


Issuing a metal card is very expensive for the bank.
Traditional banks issue it for free on maintenance of an NRV of 10-20 lacs.

If Jupiter hands out metal cards for maintaining 10k, it’ll not turn profitable.


Ohh… I am not aware of this :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:, after seeing few are issuing free metal debit card like one card for 50k FD, I thought it would not take much. Thanks for the fact.

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Metal card is worthless :joy: unless they gives u good rewards and services… It’s just a showoff


It’s just about feeling and experience. (Lol)


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Only Jupiter is not handing out for 10k NRV users.

I asked Jupiter support mailed them actually
and they replied its for Salary account holder only who has an salary of 2 lac or above

As of now, that information is correct.

Now I am started to think @ManishSaini was right.

Fi Money is offering much more + Great App.

Just Day before I joined reward system Changed from 1j =1 to 5j=1 . Think it may be our fault to be late as my friends who r using jupiter earlier are getting many rewards.

But still App needs a revamp too. and only thing sticking me to jupiter is Pots.

If I would have better option I would have gone there.

Dear Bilal,
Jupiter is considering Metal Cards for everyone, but for a fee/charge.
I hope just salary account holders, PRO account holders too get some benefits like Metal card in future (at least for a discounted price)

Why do you think fi money is much more rewarding than Jupiter?

What do you mean?

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Dear @jumino Welcome to the community. Could you please elaborate your query?

I’m pretty sure that jiten might be thinking that these guys just keep asking things for the free.