Metal Debit Card anyone?

Hello folks, been some time!

This could be the update you’ve been waiting for :eyes:

Metal card

We saw a bunch of you participating in the Quest for Metal
After we announced the winners, people (a lot of them) had just one question for us — how and when they could get their :sparkles: Metal Debit Card :sparkles:

Front Metal Card
Back Metal Card

Some of you also had ideas about setting criteria for who gets the Metal Card - Higher NRV, MAB, fees, etc. Link

So here’s the update — while the card will continue to be limited, we want to ensure more of you get your hands on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Interested? Let us know how much you would like to pay for the metal card and what you expect from it.

I’ll go first - I would be okay to pay a one time cost that covers the issuance of a metal card and would expect it to be the shiniest piece of metal with me.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below :point_down:


I prefer my previous suggestion.


High NRV


High NRV of 200K+


That is too much

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I am just being a bit realistic, in fact other banks require more than that to offer a metal card


@sneh.baxi, I am willing to forego the interest amount that Jupiter credits to my a/c every quarter… Forever.
Would that be possible for you to implement?
Federal bank already has a product called “Noor” which is similar to what I am asking for.

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I think it could be a combination of some sorts :

  1. An upfront fee of ₹1-2k
  2. The user needs to be a PRO/salary account. So minimum NRV of 10K
  3. Spending milestone of 40-50K, after which the upfront fee would be given back as jewels without any time bound.

What do you think about this ?


I am willing to pay an up front fee for the card to be issued. And yes, if it remains exclusive to Pro and Salary account holders, that would be perfect.

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@AltafParkar When you mentioned a NRV of 200k+ (2l+), just wanted to share current metal card eligibility criteria with others on the thread

IDFC First Private Infinite - NRV >50l
BoB World Opulence - Balance of >10L

Also Noor is an account made considering Islamic banking (No interest income), unique suggestion

@Abhishek_Ulayil Interesting suggestion on combining couple of facets - One time (Upfront fee), Account type

And @yagnesh01 like you said the card will remain exclusive and invite only, not open to all :slight_smile:

Looking forward to more thoughts


  1. I actually meant a balance of 2+ lacs (main a/c plus pots balance)

  2. I don’t mind switching to a Noor variant if Jupiter can offer that. It could also become a revenue stream for you guys if more people are willing to join it.

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Investments done by a user via Jupiter can also be considered as an eligibility criteria. With FDs and Mutual funds being considered under the investment umbrella, it should not be as difficult for users to achieve specific milestones. This can also help Jupiter improve its in MF distribution and also increase its deposit generation rate.


Wasn’t metal card supposed to be VISA Infinite?

I would not pay anything for a metal card until it comes with airport lounge access, flat rate rooms at hotel chains, restaurant discounts and corporate air fare discounts. Given these benifits, an One Time Fee of ₹3k sounds fair with ₹1k annual fee (refundable on spends)

I do not want to flaunt a metal card at D-Mart paying for my ₹100 daily grocery. People get OneCard for effectively free for the same.


Yeah I have also received Onecard offer from federal bank.
I am waiting to see credit card offering from jupiter.


Up front fee of rupees 499


Pay upfront : 500 (NRV : 200K) / 1000 (NRV 100K)
Replacement Cost if lost: 5000


Yes :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Give metal debit cards to pro members who are actively using jupiter

What’s the charges for adopting the metal debit card?