Quest for Metal 💳

How about maintaining a healthy NRV across main a/c or pots for 1 or 2 quarters to handout those cards?


Good one. But playing this things is not at all recommend. i can say

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But participating those kind of things will waste people’s precious time just for a card.

People will think about OneCard. That OneCard is having premium look

Please rethink about the games and all. Make some changes to the criteria to get the metal card

Please remove the federal Bank logo from front, if not both side


It’s a great idea to utilize quests for marketing and promotion, but it’s also important to acknowledge and reward the individuals who have helped in building Jupiter, suggesting new features, and finding bugs.

These individuals are valuable assets to the team and their contributions should be recognized and appreciated. Instead of only offering gems as rewards, consider offering a more personal and meaningful gesture of appreciation.

May be send us these cards :wink:


For giving the card 2 options should be .

1 . Immediately. If any member creating FD amount 25k for minimum 6 month ( lock-in period) . Give them the premium card immediately. ** Fd t&c should be if FD closed before 6 months it’s will charge 1k .

  1. Waiting period :smiley_cat: . If any member mainten 25k MAB for 6 months, he/ she will eligible for this premium card.

Don’t sell it for money, because it’s premium and make feel likes a premium member who have owned it


Waiting for an invite

@Shawnpinto Its a great idea!


Waiting for metal card

Obviously yea!
but will there be challenges to obtaining it ,
but my suggestion is to directly purchase it.

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FD based credit card sounds like a Great idea. For example any FD below 25k gets a plastic card, while 25K above gets the premium metal.

And it’ll open the door for more credit based products- and tons of moolah!

BuuuuuuuT you guys need Federal on board for this push. Good luck! N god speed



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Today i was on leave so i’ve design 2 metals cards

  1. Funky Look

  2. Classic

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hope will get one metal card for this design :crossed_fingers:

I love funky look the most!!! Awesome job Bijay.


after texture of old metal cards


I prefer this one

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That’s gun metal, right? Looks amazing :astonished:

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It’s your own design?



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