Jupiter pro account showing for referral friends account

Hello, i can see there is a glitch in ur pro account system that all of my referred friends account showing as Salary Pro account in referral list

Is there is a bug

@Satyajit_Singh Thanks for letting us know! :hyper_wave:
Are you talking about this screen in particular? we’ve been noticing few things around referrals internally too. An example would be - seeing upgraded to pro salary account 2x times.

Are you saying your friends shows up as upgraded even though they aren’t? :blob_worried:

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Yes this one


Thanks for confirming @Satyajit_Singh ,
We’ll look into this.


Hey @Shawnpinto now this bug fixed after update

@Satyajit_Singh Thanks a lot for confirming!
We’d like to send you a gift :gift: for helping us find this bug.

You will be notified soon.

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