Bug in Referral System

Hi @Shawnpinto Today i have referred to someone but referral not tracked,

And also i can see when i send through whatsapp there is some different shows on image(1) and text(2)

  1. Showing as Get ₹100 on your first debit card transaction.

  2. Written as Earn ₹300 on your first debit card transaction above ₹1000

Please look into it and also why my referral not tracked.

It 8s not a glitch I gues. It is just a casual mistake. They forget to update that image while they already updated the WhatsApp text. Have you updated Jupiter to its latest version?

Sure, let’s check this.
@Satyajit_Singh I’d need the details of your friend. Let me know on DM :slight_smile:

Yes i am on latest version of the app

@Satyajit_Singh Yep, you are right.
We’ve fixed the image now. Can you share the link with your friend again?

But what about my referral reward

@Satyajit_Singh Has the person created his account from the older link?

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Yes he has created account from old one.

But i can see there is no difference in old link and new one

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No, you don’t have to share a new link with him. All we’ve done is updated the image.
So your next link onwards should have the right one.

We’ll have a look at the older referral link you’ve sent since you mentioned he didn’t get added.

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Your friend can still apply your referral code. Menu> app settings > enter coupon code . Here you can apply your referral code. Do it within 14 days.

I also try your method but it didn’t work

No bug in referral system.
Refer coad apply in app
And firt register page.
Offer Coad
Use my offer coad and get
Use it

Fast debit card transportation min. ₹1000
Verified Marchand only.
Use it now
Order a itame min. ₹1000
Use Jupiter debit card.

Thanks for your suggestion

I have my referral code so why i will use your

This is resolved :thumbs_up: