Bug in Referral

As per referral rewards T&C,

  1. Debit Card International transaction is not eligible for referral reward.

• But the referee unfortunately has done an international transaction and in my referee list showing as Earned Rewards.

• Also, Jewels not received because this is an ineligible transaction.

My frnd can’t sign up on Jupiter, it is showing as…"we are finding a seat for you"why is this happening ???

If you can help …please look through this…

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Hey @VIKi_DopE ,

Don’t share personal information here.

Have you contacted customer support?
If not, then first contact the support team. They must be helpful in this type issue.

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Thanks @Satyajit_Singh :slight_smile:

@VIKi_DopE As mentioned above, please avoid sharing personal details on the forum.
I’ve sent you a DM to take this further.

@Satyajit_Singh We have raised this internally, we will let you know if something comes up :blob_thanks:

Hello @Shawnpinto

Referee didn’t make any debit card transaction but it still showing me as “Earned Rewards”.

Bro what do you do for a living?
You have legit referred to so manyyyy people.

Just below two Referee in the screenshot is successful.

But still, you manage to persuade people atleast to create an account on Jupiter. Nice marketing skills bro.

We got this checked @Satyajit_Singh :tick:

This is true. The jewels will not be credited because it’s not eligible.

We noticed there’s a bug in the text for ‘earned rewards’. This causes confusion.
The solution is to change the text and make it clear.

Thanks for highlighting it! :blob_thanks:
Some :gift: on your way~

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