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I’ve started to work in a diagnostic centre. But I get salary in cash from my doctor for whom I work. I try to open salary account with Jupiter with the name where I work. And as I deposit the salary by my own in my main bank account. And transfer the amount to Jupiter from 2 months. Now Jupiter shows the information that it will upgrade to salary account soon. But one problem is if my salary account got cancelled for any reason does my whole Jupiter account got suspended? Or just they cancelled my salary account open request??

Thanks in advance.

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Hai @Ankita_Joardar
Few months back, Jupiter launched a waitlist option to individuals interested in obtaining a salary account without the need for company-related information. The process simply required an automatic monthly transfer of 25,000 from their personal account, giving them to access the advantages of a salary account. However, this feature was temporarily suspended due to certain issues, and currently, it is not available.
Moreover, I think a company email ID is must for the verification process when setting up a salary account.
If I am not wrong, some users upgraded their account exploiting some loopholes and such account either got suspended or downgraded after some audit. So I hope someone from the salary team can give you clarification on this. :+1:t2:

Also, you can refer these two threads for more details.

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Hey! I can’t use my company’s mail as I work privately under a gynocologist who is a temporary doctor in Ecoscan Healthcare pvt ltd. So I don’t work at exactly at the diagnostic centre. Now I really feel suspicious about Jupiter to accept my salary account request. I wish I wasn’t applied for this salary account and all. Now I feel insecure to keep my money in Jupiter account. Thinking if Jupiter suspend my account is. May be they will not do that as i am savings account holder still. But feel insecure about keeping my money with them.

@Shawnpinto is there a way to put an end to all this confusion? Maybe clarify what user behaviour would freeze the account and what would not.

This clarification maybe given in the Jupiter blog.

This is becoming a recurring issue in the community.

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That’s very helpful for us to understand which behaviour we shouldn’t do to keep our account intact.

Hey folks! I am Abhinav, part of the Salary Account team at Jupiter. @Ankita_Joardar Currently we don’t have the feature for conversion to Salary Account for users getting their salary in cash and transferring the amount to Jupiter, we will coming up with something for this soon. But please be rest assured that even if we don’t upgrade you to a salary account, your savings account on Jupiter won’t be suspended and we will always reach out for clarifications to you. So yeah, we will only be cancelling your request for now but will have something to support salary account for you soon. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your assurance. Thank God now I can keep my money with no tension :grin:

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