Salary Account Revamp ✨

Hey folks :wave:

I’m Kush, part of the Salary Account team here at Jupiter

We’re back with another upgrade!
Our salary account offering got on a whole different level and we would like to show what’s in store for you.


But first…

The backstory

We started a thread sometime in November 2021 for understanding ‘how one uses their salary account’ - Salary accounts | What do you use it for? . Our community members shared their pain points, expectations and experience with their bank, and more.

This was months before we launched our Salary accounts offering!

And then a year later, @sahil-sorathiya ran a poll for understanding - What is stopping you from upgrading to Salary Account on Jupiter App?

We learned 2 important things.

  1. The HR does not allow another Bank Account for Salary
  2. Not too excited about Benefits / Offers of Salary Account

And with this, after some thought and figuring out how can we bring more value to our Salary account holders, we came up with some upgrades :hammer_and_wrench:

What's new?

More exciting benefits!

5% Cashback :gift:
Any new user who is upgrading to a Salary account next week onwards will start seeing the 5% cash back perk. It will be only for a limited time period.
Note: Eligible users will see the screen above with 5% cash back.

Free Metal Debit Card :credit_card:
Any Salary account holder whose salary credit on Jupiter >= 2L per month will be eligible for a free Metal Debit Card. DM us if you’re eligible, we’ll start shipping it out in March.

Choice of exclusive benefit

Where we’ll be giving you a choice to claim either:
  1. Free Health Insurance


  1. Digital Gold
    Claim free digital gold every month after your salary credit.

Note: This option will be available from March 2023 onwards.

Claiming your shiny gold! :moneybag:
To claim your gold after salary credit, you will have to go to the Salary tab and tap on the shiny gold coin.

It will be credited to your gold pot.


2x your referral rewards! 📈

If you are a salary account holder, your referral program would change to the following rewards:

  • If you’re a salary account holder and you refer a friend, both of you get 1000j if the friend gets a salary account on Jupiter.
  • This means you Earn 2x rewards on a salary account upgrade.

Note: There won’t be any debit card transaction requirement if you’re a salary account holder & refer another Salary account user.

This will be available to all salary account holders starting this month.

What if you’re not Salaried yet? Or what do you do if your HR doesn’t allow Jupiter as a salary account? 🤔

Fret not, we came up with an idea :bulb:

Soon, we will have a waitlist.

How will it work?

  • Choose an amount you’d auto-deposit to your Jupiter account
  • Give mandate from the bank account where your company deposits your salary
  • You’ll be upgraded to Salary Account with same benefits

The waitlist will be available from March 2023 onwards, and folks will be whitelisted from April 2023 onwards.

What do existing Salary account holders get?

  • You get 2x referral rewards
  • You will be eligible for the Metal Card if you meet the requirements

Overall note: The expected dates may slightly change for some benefits.

This is just the first upgrade. We’re tweaking our salary account offering even further :rocket:

Let us know your thoughts on the above improvements. We would love to hear your feedback. That’s how we’ve come this far :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Seriously, 2L salary per month for metal card. How many you will find in community? Guys let me know anyone getting this kind of salary :exploding_head:

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It’s just Jiten who’s eligible for the metal card. Not us peasants. :grin:

Puns aside, hope the team works on a more reasonable ask. I’d be happy to shell 4-5k for a metal card, if you’d ask me.

Like maybe set a FD for two years of 5-10k. No withdrawals allowed. You get interest + metal card eligibility. And down the line, maybe a secured credit card!


If they provide metal for salaried above 50k or 1L that is reasonable. Also I agree with the options which you are referring…


We would soon allow everyone to have metal card if they choose to pay separately for the same. So need not worry…


What’s so very much hype about these metal cards nowadays!

I have “One Metal Credit Card” from federal bank, till date I’ve never used it on merchant, as most of my usage are online only, so having the card numbers only do the job. Plus I find metal cards are heavy & troublesome to carry in wallet. Tend to bend often if not careful!

And most active users are prone to using credit cards only due to the added benefits which debit cards fail to offer, in this segments it hardly matters whether you carry a metal or plastic card!!!

Hope people get some glimpse of what I’m trying to explain…


Metal comes off Uber premium. The problem debit cards in general face is membership rewards. They can’t compete with credit cards on that turf.

If we can come up with a decent MR program that can go toe to toe, with say, HDFC CC or Amex, you’ll see debit card spends shoot up. We just need to make it exciting n rewarding. Add in a flashy metal card, and you are set.

This should be easy considering India is a debit + cash heavy market and not so CC reliant as US.


Ooh looks quite exciting ! :tada::partying_face:

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I am eligible for the metal card but the support team said that this is being rolled out in phases. Any idea on when the next phase will be rolled out. Quite excited about it honestly

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Hai @jaikathuria , Welcome to the Jupiter Community :+1:

As suggested by @kush sir, you can DM him all the details … Hope that works :+1:

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@jaikathuria Gonna ask Kush to see if we can ship it earlier :credit_card: :articulated_lorry:


@kush I was thinking of upgrading my pro account to salary account. While I was enquiring about it, customer care told that exclusive benefit to choose from Health Insurance or Digital Gold is no more available and it has been replaced with only Health Insurance as option. Also on app in salary upgrade section, I can see 12 more benefits but that’s not explained. Can you please list out those 12 benefits? Also, the bar for salary account has been reduced from 25k to 20 right. Looking forward to reply, thanks.


@Gokul while Kush responds with you, here are the benefits listed on the Jupiter for a salary account.

Thanks @yagnesh01 . That clears a lot of doubt.


But I don’t think they are doing metal debit cards anymore.

It was just a false promise to get some more customers.

It’s been more than 3 months they have not even shipped it yet.

Poor Experience honestly

I can’t see any option to get salary account as a student. How can I get it

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@Hasil That is a feature they are currently building , Looks like it will be available soon :upside_down_face:.

BTW don’t follow any illegal tricks from YouTube to get it done. There are cases in the community itself where their account has been frozen because of it.


ok. how can i be in the waitlist?

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The waitlist that was shown in an update is a bug from jupiter’s side. They fixed it now.

Currently I don’t think there is any waiting list for it.


@Aswin_Benny I’m confused. Then how’d my account become a salary account? I just joined the waitlist and didn’t do anything else

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