Fuel surcharges

Recently 10 rs Debited from my account as Fuel Surcharge after using Debit card on fuel pump.

Thats mean, jupiter doesn’t provide fuel charge waiver.

But, many times i have used my jupiter DC for fuel but its 1st time that 10rs debited as fuel surcharges.

Can anyone explain this?:thinking:
I have already contacted with team.


@Omkar18 I think very few in the community would be able to confirm it.

@iAmAlanSabu I believe you use the Jupiter debit card for fuel payment. Can you check and confirm.


I searched for this post with the intention of discovering if there was a waiver offer available for salary account holders :rofl: :rofl:, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find any such information.

like @yagnesh01 sir said, hope someone could confirm it soon. If there is such a charge, use UPI next time :grin: :cool_doge:

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Although I couldn’t find any specific information regarding fuel surcharges on the Jupiter website, I did come across some relevant details on the Federal Bank website. According to their information, debit card transactions have fuel surcharges.

Previously, I heard that debit card incurred fuel surcharges.


This explains the ₹ 10 charge

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Is this charge introduced recently :thinking:.

I think this fuel POS transaction fees should also be included in the Jupiter’s fees and charges page : Jupiter Fee, Rates and Charges

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I checked it twice. Did not spot it.

Old age could have played a role in not spotting it.


This surcharges is Charged 1st time for fuel payment otherwise, before this i never charged.

As customer care said, this is charged by Merchent or acquiring bank (not by jupiter).
(Swipe machine was from ICICI Bank)

But still confused about, how can i know during payment that i have also need to pay extra surcharges?

And how can i avoid? :grin:

Thank You all for your reply.


Yes,I use my Jupiter Debit card mainly for my food and fuel😃…but I haven’t noticed any surcharge debits now till date🚶

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Omkar, I think I only way to avoid is to use credit cards that confirm fuel surcharge waiver. I assuming UPI can also be an option

Yeah, I am curious though, would using rupay credit cards on UPI add fuel surcharges.

Yeah, it is 1st time i am experiencing this.

And i think it depends on Petrol pump.
But difficult to know that, which pump apply surcharges for Debit card transactions. :frowning:

Yeah, this is only way, but i was curious because

They debited surcharges for only 1 transactions. Not all.

Which pump did you face this issue?

This is not an issue. But a standard reverse charge applied by merchant to all cards. Some cards choose to give waiver and bear the cost but it is 2.5% so it doesn’t make sense in case of Debit cards for waiver unless it is HNI client card.

I remember back in 2005, it used to be key USP for any CC as 0% surcharge for fuel and no other rewards.


Bank may have missed levying charge hence you got exemption. But it is applicable every time by merchant.


@Jiten thank you for stepping in and clarifying this.

This is not an issue. This was just General Query as I was just curious about how this fuel surcharges works and how can i avoid?
Thats why I Made post.

And customer care also explained me well that, this charges are levied by Merchent, Not from Jupiter.

Extremely Sorry to all, i din’t noticed that, i made post in HELP section rather than GENERAL.

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Dear @Omkar18 Regular Members (Level 3) gets an additional permission/feature to re-categorize the threads. It was me, who changed the topic category from General to Help, since I thought you were seeking some help from the members and from the concerned team, and to get an immediate attention to this thread. I apologize if this caused any inconvenience for you. I’m glad that you received the clarifications you needed. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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Its ok… but This was not issue, thats why i was posted that in GENERAL Section.:sweat_smile:

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