What is visa surplus charge that the merchant is taking from my account without my approval from jupiter?

Visa merchant surplus charges for debit card transaction… How is it legal? How jupiter is allowing it?

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Welcome to the community @Shreyassreekumar
Could you please provide more details about the issue you have faced?
If possible, it would be helpful if you could attach a screenshot (for iOS) or capture an image (for Android) of the specific transaction. This will allow us to gain a better understanding of the issue. Is the problem related to fuel charges by any chance? :thinking:

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I had paid for petrol 500 on October 1… On October 4 I got this transaction mesge of surplus visa charge of 4.5 rs for this payment through jupiter debit and jupiter is not taking the responsibility.

Ok. So the issue was regarding fuel surcharge.
Please go through this below attached post and thread.
Hope your query gets clarified after.

I think not only Jupiter but almost all debit cards charges those fees/charges (unless it is some co-branded fuel cards)
For me, SBI charges those fees on my debit card.

Till now I was receiving 1% jewel rewards for all the debit card transactions, now there has been changes… Can you specify those changes?

1% jewels on which merchant?? Fuel transaction :thinking:

@Shreyassreekumar Jupiter’s debit card offers keeps on changing…It gets refreshed time to time. So I am not sure whether I can help you in this regard.
One can understand only by looking at the rewards/offers section on the app.
I suggest you to close this thread by marking ‘Solution’ if your query regarding fuel surcharge is clear :v:t2:

On debit card transactions

Up on my observation/experience, if the pos machines are of Paytm then no surcharge. If it is pine labs, then surcharge will be there. I had seen only two different pos machines. I think ICICI pos machines also don’t levy surcharge (not sure). @Shreyassreekumar