How to track Rs 25k spending in eligible merchants for debit card amc fees waiver?

How to Know How much of Rs 25000, I spent in Eligible Merchants for Jupiter Debit Card Annual Charges Waiver ?

Also can’t track how many remaining months of holding Rs 10k MAB Jupiter Pro Account to achieve debit card fees waiver.

I can’t see any feature to track Rs 25k spending in eligible merchants for debit card fees waiver. Plz add this features.


Hello @Xeron, it’s great to have you back after such a long time. I must say, your suggestion is absolutely on point. Implementing a feature to track the spending limit of 25000 would be beneficial in all way. :+1: :+1:

By the way, this message is from our CEO regarding the effective date of the charges.

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In order to achieve the debit fee waiver benifits, you have meet the criteria before April 2024.

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Yeah I agree with @Xeron, there should be a tracker for debit card usage in monthly, yearly fashion (with bifurcation of eligible spends and non eligible spends) and also the last transaction date.
Its a good idea.

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The suggestion is interesting. But then debit card spends will have to be tracked as credit card spends to show an eligibility tracker.


Very good point and i believe debit card amc waiver tracker will be included in the future updates.
But for the time being the best solution which i am using is to count the monthly jewels. Because card amc are waived only for crossing 25k eligible spend and debit card jewels are only earned on eligible spend. So anything above 250 jewels yearly will do the waiver. (Above 500 jewel yearly will surely do)

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I had the same issue and I called the customer care number and they said you call or mail us anytime and we will manually count it for you.

@DigitaL Absolutely! Counting the jewels can definitely help resolve this issue to a great extent. :+1::+1:
However, I also have a suggestion for the Jupiter Team. If anyone pays close attention, they’ll notice that the year is missing and only the day and month are visible, in the My Earnings section. It would be better to include the year as well, or perhaps implement a filter that allows customers to sort the total jewels earned by year or month. :+1: :+1:

For all the new users, this jewels shown here relate to the 6 Week Savings Challenge that happened last year, ie, 2022.

@Devansh_Bartwal My Lifetime Jewels earned is 846 jewels. (the screenshot is my wife’s account since its iOS)
Also, this time period confuses me. Because, I have opened my account and received my Debit Card in 2021, means the succeeding 12 months is over for me and I have to anyway pay the charge in 2024 ? :eyebrow: :eyebrow:

or am I eligible for this ?

i would recommend bro just make a pot of 10 k if that’s feasible, otherwise they have selected merchants on debit card it order to waive off that fees. And while shopping purchase gift card don’t use debit card, you will end up saving more.

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I believe the 12-month period will be counted from March 2023 to March 2024, considering that the announcement for the debit card charges was made only in March 2023.

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@Devansh_Bartwal Thanks for the suggestion Brother.
At present, I have around 8000 in various saving pots (not super pot) and I am planning to convert to PRO from next month. :+1:
Regarding this, I didn’t understand it fully…Could you please explain what’s the connection between gift card and debit card

@saurabh.s Thanks for confirming it , brother :+1: :blob_thanks:
@Devansh_Bartwal Thanks, I got my doubts cleared…Thanks once again Dev and Saurah bros for that Gift card suggestion…I read the previous suggestion as “don’t purchase gift cards with debit card”. My mistake :rofl: :rofl: @saurabh.s

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Shopping with gift cards is often more beneficial than using a debit card because you’ll get the gift cards at discounted price.

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@razack Not only for shopping, but it’s beneficial for bill payments or recharge too. Personally, I use Amazon Pay gift cards to pay various bills and recharges, typically saving me around 2-4%.

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More Tips and more cheat codes :rofl: :rofl: :blob_thanks: :blob_thanks:
Last week, I Purchased an Amazon Gift voucher from Jupiter for the first time (mainly for increasing the chances of winning that 6 week savings challenge as well as after seeing some cashback). But I didn’t used it still :smile:
I can’t even remember the last time I used Amazon Pay. I’m not sure why, but I’m just not a fan of it. :laughing:

There’s alot of ways with the giftcards where we can get more value from our money :sweat_smile: Also if you’ve a CC then you can take it to next level :wink: (not gonna reveal more :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

If one has the right credit card, value of rewards extracted from the reward points or cash back offers is ideally more.

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While the UI Amazon Pay may not be the greatest, the payment experience is definitely seamless.

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The amazon app crashes when I click on the mobile recharge in the amazon pay. So, the app crashes and Is very slow.

Interesting. Have not faced that issue yet. Fingers crossed.