Jupiter new account problem

Well I just opened the account and it’s asking me for my initial funding of 250 rs. I’m ok with it but I get to know about the debit card charges both virtual and physical so either way I have to pay for debit card.

Now how can I close my account without getting stuck in these problems. I didn’t paid 250 rs initial funding still…
Help please…

Transfer all ur funds and send an email support@jupiter.money for closure of account.

Okay one thing more…
Since I have to pay for virtual card as well, is that virtual card free for one year ?

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If am not wrong it will be chargeable only in 2024 i.e., next year. Also, you can waive off those charges by spending the eligible amount

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You mean exactly 12 months later after account opening, i.e at the end of 2024…

If you have already paid the debit card issuance fees, then annual fees will be charged from the second year. Regarding the virtual card am not sure whether it would be from the second year or from 2024 March/April as proposed by Jupiter

You can have more info here:

Since you have already created an account, it would be recommended to use that chat option (help) on the app for more clarification.

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