Charge on Virtual Debit Card 😶

When I opened my account everything was free ,
especially no charges were on the virtual ATM card .

Now you are forcefully imposing ₹199+₹36GST for Virtual Debit card too .

You were promising us those days, it will be free
But now what is this?
Can’t you stand with your words?

Issues are-

  1. When will I be charged for Virtual Debit Card now ( created on 28.07.2021)?

  2. Will I have to pay charges if blocked card permanently?

  3. Waiver , while paying local shop through ATM ( by scanning QR) will be eligible?


Here is the screenshot of the email received way 9th Apr, 2023 informing the existing users about the debit card charges and conditions that have to be met for the charge waiver.

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I also think that it’s not fair as the initial promise was that there are no charges on the account. Hope that the zero balance is not removed anytime soon.

Does Fi also charge for the virtual debit card? I know that Paytm Payments Bank charges only for its physical debit card.

Also can someone help me understand why charge for a virtual card. Are the expenses the same as a physical debit card for the bank?

Especially because the Federal Bank document mentions charges for the Physical Debit Card -

Charges will be applicable from March2024 :arrow_down:

I think only Debit Card spends on valid merchants will count against fee waiver

I don’t know about Fi, but if I am not wrong, Airtel Payments Bank, India Post Payments Bank etc. charges for virtual debit cards.

Airtel Payments Bank started charging for everything - for bank account, for SMS, for Debit card, etc. I got fed up and have closed it. It’s not about paying the amount, they just wanted more money and there was no equivalent service. Also they had Rewards123 subscription service as well. I wonder how they make more money now. Maybe I haven’t understood their business… - Airtel Payments Bank revenue grows 41% to Rs 400 crore | Business News - The Indian Express.