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I yesterday notice that Jupiter is now charging 199 plus gst for ordering a physical debit card . I found it as a herdal for new people to join this community What I felt that you can also bring something like niyo that for free card you have to maintain an average balance of 200or 500…anything else to get free debit card delivery since This was a USP of Jupiter that you get a free card physically unlike other platforms which charges us so I felt that this need to nee removed and a new concept should be thought against this method


Yeah, one can find the detailed fee structure here Jupiter Fee, Rates and Charges | Jupiter


@AshishUpadhyay bro i am agree with you after few months we can’t express what the people missing ( old jupiter)

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True, the only reason I could get on with Jupiter was that I didn’t had to invest anything and I could easily try out their features and offering without having the fear that I will waste my money if I didn’t like it


I hope @Jiten sir should know how much i like the idea of jupiter. Every since i am using jupiter i am blowed away with the features that jupiter offer 1 percent of cash back on debit card who gives that pls sir we are begging that pls dont charge for issuance of debit card and reissuance of debit card :relaxed:

We will continue rewards for users who are genuinely engaging well with the product by keeping healthy balances and spend trend. All users will receive updates this week.

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@Jiten - Hey Jiten, this is really a bad idea of charging new customers for issuing debit cards while opening Jupiter acct. Which bank does this to their new customers? You should re-think about this. Feel bad for referring others here. You are just like other banking platforms offering customers many things in the beginning and start withdrawing one by one once reaching a certain customer base.

Now I have only one request - Please notify us when you start charging us for not maintaining a min balance. Which means, let us know when you deviate from your existing policies of zero balance account and that are currently free for customers.

This would help us to think whether to keep Jupiter or close it.

Moreover, your support guys are much interested in closing an open ticket fast without giving proper solution to customers. They might have targets or the fear of losing job when the tickets are not closed on time. Talk to them when you get time.



Yes, @Jiten! While I understand why you’re introducing fees, the lack of transparency is a concern. There are Jupiter community members and others referring users, and to see them perplexed while onboarding is not cool.

When changing rules of engagement and introducing fees, let the community at least know well in advance. The least one could ask for :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I believe product changes like charges/fees can be shared with all users (Which we did).
There’s no trial and error here. There will be more updates shared sometime this week or the next.

However, something like a new UI/feature to be released will always be shared way in advance with our members here. We’re doing this anyway.


What did I miss? Did you mail your users about this fee introduction? :eyes:

It wouldn’t go out to current owners. This is only for users who are onboarding or Re-issuing a new card. (Could change)
So keeping this in the app/T&C’s would be the best place - More updates on this + rewards info soon.

I’ve a problem with this too! There are many referring new users to your platform and free debit card is/ was a USP. To change it without letting the people doing marketing for you is not cool. Some do it out of sheer love for the service you offer. Don’t let them down.


@Binoy Bro i am agree with you i haven’t got any notification or mail that jupiter is now charging for debit card issuance and reissuance. Whats the whole point of having referral system when the new users have to pay for debit card.

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Folks, there’s room for improvement and I’m sure team Jupiter will make necessary changes in how they communicate to us in the future!

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Yes. I agree with @Binoy i promote jupiter in many of my other communities in facebook, telegram and other social media (i dont even give them referal links, there is a community spirit and i hate paid promo like things). Just because i thought jupiter is more user focused than other such neobanks or related institutions thinking of revenue only.

I knew about debit card fees from another person while i am introducing him to jupiter. Its better to get atleast an email notification of any such big changes.

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i am sure jupiter will think about his customers and give us much more exciting features and rewards infuture forsure :wink:

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I think your ask is unreasonable here. If we introduce any charge for existing users, we are obligated to those users for sure to inform well in advance and seek inputs.

We are introducing this charge for new users and so new user knows this in advance whether they want to opt in for physical card. If they don’t opt in, they don’t pay for physical card. They still get virtual card free.

Hope this clarifies.


And yes, all users will get email notifications before such charges are being implemented for affected users . In this case, these will be new users only.

Plus, such charges are opt in. So, we maintain all transparency with users rather than auto debiting customer account the way other banks do.

We definitely don’t believe in charging for basic account. As i said earlier, rewards are privileges which needs to be earned, service is entitlement irrespective. Plus, there is no fees for basic account or balance requirement to maintain basic account. That will remain free.

@Shawnpinto is the debit card fees currently implemented and working? I could find users ordering cards without any payment.

Is payments are done before ordering or after getting the card?