Revamped Debit Card design

Hello again!

Small update:
We’ve revamped our physical Spacefire Debit Card :party_parrot:
Sharing some sneak peeks below:

The design :art:

The new design is similar to that of the Edge Card.
You will see a giant J on the front side along with the user’s name in front.

It’s not live yet. But soon to be shipped to new users who order the debit card.

Have a great weekend everyone! :v:




No card isue

No love for exisiting users :pleading_face:

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its visa platinum not signature so you are lucky & so am I, haha

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My signature card got blocked in between. Sooo :expressionless:

when did that happen? My card is working absolutely fine!

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It seems like a joker card to me. I don’t know, as soon I see a big j on a card, the first thing that come to my mind is that it’s a joker card.

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do some genuinely work on meaning full feature like Jupiter wallet , ipo E-mandate not redesign of jupiter debit card , lazzy jupiter community manager


there was glitch!

he he he I have lost my debit card now its time to have a new one :grin:


I have also signature, is there any benefit of Signature?

I think is there a reordering fee …

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They just highlighted the name of the partnership bank name :rofl: in front and back also, and replace Jupiter name as Big J :expressionless:

But looks good

you are right the re-ordering fee is 299 with an 18% GST :smiling_face_with_tear: in total i have to pay 353 for re-ordering.

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It’s too much, they should revise to 199 including GST like most bank.

AU Small finance bank is charging 150+18% GST with some offers as well
never compared the offers with jupiter offers but yeah it is what it is

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Actually jupiter is a neo bank and they have higher costs than banks like au finance which maintain the physical branches, so, that’s why jupiter charge higher fees…

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Jupiter debit card is the only card in the market offering 1% return on spend & other offers also with AMC of only 199rs.+Gst
Others debit card Amc offering similar 1% return are more than 500rs

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