Jupiter debit card FAQs answer

I have seen people have doubts regarding Jupiter debit card features and there is no clarity about this on Jupiter’s website.

Q1. Do we get Visa signature benefits with this card?
No. I have tried some visa signature offers using this card but not working on this card.

Q2. Do we get Federal bank debit cards offer on this debit card?
No. I have tried on Amazon. There was a offer on federal debit card. But didn’t work on this card.

It’s a visa signature card issued by federal but visa signature, federal banks’ offer not working with this🤦

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I think the CEO here already clarified this thing. If you need Federal benefits, you should open Federal bank account from their website/branch not Jupiter account. There is nothing wrong with FAQs. Also this is not a signature debit card, I think.

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As far as I know, Jupiter is not offering Signature variant. It’s Visa Platinum debit card.

And regarding Amazon Federal Bank 10% instant discount offer, I got notification from Fi Money that Fi debit card is eligible for Federal Bank Amazon discount offer. So hopefully Jupiter will also join the wagon.


It is Visa Signature debit card.

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It’s a visa signature card.

Thanks for letting me know. :+1:t4:

It’s a visa signature card

Now waiting for CEO reply…if you want visa signature offers than open account with others not jupiter :crazy_face:

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Let’s not start trolling in the community.

Answer for Q1. The Jupiter debit card is a VISA signature card and comes with the associated benefits. You can visit Visa Signature | Visa to know more about the benefits.

Answer for Q2. The Federal debit card offers would not be available on Jupiter debit card.

Hello @Vipul_Mehta , so we get the complimentary airport lounge access too ?
As far as I know, All Visa Signature holders do get that complimentary

Tried visa signature offer but didn’t work.
Tried on bookmyshow offer.
Check screenshot for details


No. We do not have complimentary lounge access with our debit card.

Hey Ankur, We are getting this specific issue checked. Please allow us sometime to get back.

Hi Ankur, this issue has been resolved. Would request you to check again, and let us know in case you face any further issues. Thanks.

Can we expect it in future?

koi offer hai bhi is card mai ya nahi har place pe NO hi dikh raha hai pls take it as a feedback give us some advantage to use against other banks :slight_smile: except that cashback one any other benefits of using it while shopping

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@Sumit_Chaudhary We don’t want to rush and offer you something mediocre. We are working on all the small details. So stay tuned, keep sharing your feedback. You will not be disappointed. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone,

So far I’m enjoying Jupiter a lot. Everything is working fine and it’s loving the app.

I do have a question about the reward rate for international transactions.

When I opened the account I think I noticed it is mentioned that for verified members 5% cashback will be provided for international transactions and 1% for domestic.

But today, I can see it is mentioned that 500 Jewels for domestic and 5000 Jewels for international transactions. And there is no mention of the rate.

What is the actual reward rate? Is it 5% or 1% for international transactions? And if it is 1%, was it mentioned 5% before in the app verify page or I saw wrong. Sorry, I don’t have a screenshot where it is mentioned 5%, so just want to confirm :slight_smile:

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For initial period is it is 5% for international txns. Since we apply mark up of 3.5%. so net net you gain 1.5%

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