VISA Offer not applicable to Jupiter Debit Card

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There will be a offer running on the official VISA website and every VISA card working good even ( FI Bank card )

:zap: Why Jupiter Debit Card not working.

Check Here

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Not a bug, the offer is valid for Visa Platinum cards, whereas, Jupiter gives out Visa Signature cards.

Hey @AltafParkar

Thanks for the information and i appreciate it

Is this mentioned anywhere in the Jupiter Card or site

It’s mentioned on the physical card, not sure about the website.

Thanks for confirming :+1:

@Satyajit_Singh Have u tried offers in this website? It worked for me…

//offers arent much interesting though


Hi @Aswin_Benny

I have already used the visa offer through fi debit card but didn’t work with jupiter card.

Offers is good, you can avail 100 swiggy voucher and 100 off on zomato for β‚Ή1 (refundable)


@Satyajit_Singh I could get the spotify offer from it

You also can claim swiggy voucher of 100 free of cost

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It worked for Fi. Thanks for letting know.

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